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Spectrum is a jQuery colorpicker plugin that probably comes with all the features you are looking for.

It is image-free (only CSS and JS) and can be used for all browsers or only as a polyfill for the input[type=color] of HTML5 .

The picker is actually familiar to designers/developers as it is the same one that comes with WebKit DevTools (created by the same developer) but now available as a jQuery plugin.

Spectrum - jQuery Colorpicker

It has support for color palettes by storing/displaying the colors you chose, the default selected color can be set or it can be configured to only display the palette with pre-defined colors.

Alpha transparency selection is available, can be always visible (without clicking to a picker icon) and supports multiple color formats.

Spectrum can be customized with CSS and it works on mobile as well.


iWantHue is a web-based color palette generator that provides powerful settings for finding the colors that play well with each other.

It works by defining a range of hue, chroma +lightness and the app can return a palette of any size instantly.


The palettes are provided in multiple formats (RGB or HEX, as a list or JSON) and, also, there are also presets to create faster.

iWantHue is open source and anyone can use it to create palettes with only JavaScript.

Usually in web apps, when we want to collect color values from users, color pickers help a lot. And, there are various high-quality color pickers out there.

colorjoe is a new one which differentiates itself by being completely scaleable which is great for responsive layouts.

colorjoe - JavaScript color picker

It doesn't use any images, can be customized with CSS and works with all major formats (RGB, HSL, HSV or CMYK).

The color picker is standalone and has 2 callbacks: change (which is triggered continuously to detect value changes) and done (which is fired when a color is selected).

Colors is a standalone JavaScript library that comes with features to manipulate colors in multiple ways.

The library can handle multiple types of unit conversions including RGB to a Hexadecimal and Hexadecimal to RGB or HSV.

It can get the complimentary color of any Hexadecimal or RGB value and can generate random color values.

P.S. The library is still under heavy development and in beta phase.

Colors JavaScript Library

xcolor is a jQuery plugin which allows you to perform many different manipulations on colors.

First of all, it can parse and convert colors between different formats with methods like getRGB(), getHSV() or getHEX().

Another powerful feature is extracting or combining colors (like red + blue would result in purple).

xcolor jQuery Plugin

Also, it can generate complementary colors, lighten/darken them, find analogous/monochromatic colors of an item and much more.

The plugin comes with other functions where the most interesting one is: isReadable which performs a readability test for a text on a given background.

Tip: To perform the same actions on the server-side, the author also has a PHP class with very similar features.