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If you have any practice with backend languages then you should know something about Rails. It’s often regarded as a cleaner language compared to PHP and is often faster to build working applications from scratch. Even if you have no experience doing backend work, this set of tutorials will provide a quick and easy starting point in the world of RoR.

Introduction to RoR

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Crowdfunding is a getting popular way of providing the initial/startup funds for a project or idea.

There are platforms for hosting a crowdfunding plaform like Kickstarter and IndieGogo which take a percentage of the collected amount (which is fair).

Alternatively, it is possible to host your own campaign to have the full control, pay no fees and overcome some limitations (like Kickstarter projects being available to only selected countries).


This is where Crowdhoster comes as it is a professional yet free and open source crowdfunding page for self-hosting campaigns.

It has an admin panel for setting up the campaign(s), defining reward levels and managing the pre-orders.

Also, there are multiple ready-to-use themes and an API to fetch the data collected.

Photoshop documents (PSD) exist for a very long time and they are mostly a “locked box”.

Alternative programs like Gimp or IrfanView exist for viewing the contents but that was hard to do via a programming language.

PSD.rb is a Ruby library, created by LayerVault, that offer a solid way for parsing Photoshop documents.

It can easily get the document structure, layer/folder info, fonts, flattened image data and more.


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  • Chartkick is a Ruby gem (also has a JavaScript API which doesn’t require Ruby) for creating good-looking charts very easily and quickly.

    It integrates with 2 charting libraries: Highcharts and Google Charts where it is possible to use the same functions for generating charts with each library.


    There is support for multiple chart types and multiple series in a single chart.

    And, like mentioned there is also Chartkick.js which brings the same functionality to the client-side, without Ruby.

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  • Today, HTTP requests are used widely in websites as we fetch data using APIs, get screenshots or AJAX requests.

    Unirest is a pack of lightweight HTTP libraries for many languages (PHP, Ruby, Python, Java And Objective-C).


    It has support for GET, POST, PUT, UPDATE, DELETE operations and its methods + response structure are the same in all languages.

    The usage is very simple and straightforward. Also, it is documented well.