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Single-page scrolling websites are used widely for years and they are very useful on providing information quickly.

On the other hand, the one-page sites where no scroller exists and the page content being changed with JavaScript reached its max. popularity with the Apple’s iPhone 5S website.

jQuery One-Page Scroll

One Page Scroll, a jQuery plugin, simplifies creating such websites so easy.

It requires minimal setup, just create your HTML structure, call the function and you are ready-to-go.

Optionally, the easing function, its speed and looping behavior can be set too. And, it has support for SEO-friendly URLs for each page.

jInvertScroll is a jQuery plugin that manipulates the default scrolling behavior and forces a horizontal scroll.

The plugin is lightweight (<1kb) and works with almost no setup. Adding  a specific class to wrapper elements and calling a JS function i senough.

It also eases creating parallax effects with the onScroll callback where we can decide to animate any element.


Arbitrary.Anchor.js is a jQuery plugin that extends the standard anchor functionality (linking with #).

It enables us to target not only ids but any jQuery selector (like classes or element types).

Also, complex selectors can be used as well. (like – that needs to match both of the classes).

jQuery Arbitrary Anchors

The clicked links are automatically scrolled with a smooth scrolling effect.

And, this scrolling behavior’s speed can be customized by adding the ms value to the link (like|100).

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  • Sticky menus are used widely as they help minimizing the need to scroll for reaching to the menu.

    Smint is a jQuery plugin that can turn any given element into a sticky menu instantly.

    jQuery Sticky Menu - Smint

    Also, the plugin has support for smooth scrolling (which is usually used in one-page websites).

    The plugin is almost plug ‘n’ play and the only customization provided is “scrolling speed”.

    Windows is a lightweight jQuery plugin for nicely scrolling the full-screen.

    It provides a simple and handy API for managing the page/content position to ease the browsing experience.

    The plugin can analyze if a defined content is in the viewport, how much of it is in the viewport and can trigger any actions like focusing the page to the content by scrolling it.

    Windows - jQuery Plugin