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Clank is a free and open source HTML-CSS framework for easily prototyping native mobile or tablet apps.

It focuses on providing a consistent UI “without the the concern of mimicking a specific OS”.

The framework is component-based so that we can pick and use only the needed parts. And these components include buttons, forms, sliders, toggles and much more.

Clank HTML Framework

SCSS is used for styling and the layout can be skinned with ease by changing several variables.

There are also various “device wraps” bundled (iPhone, Nexus, iPad..) to quickly present the output in a realistic design.

Profound Grid is a fresh grid system for creating responsive layouts (fixed and fluid).

The grid system uses semantic markup and renders just the same in all browsers (it is using negative margins to calculate columns).

Profound Grid

It is built with SCSS, has support for nested grids and rules for pulling/pushing columns.

There are various examples provided in Profound Grid’s website and a documentation helps learning it (which is pretty straightforward).

CSS sprites are perfect for minimizing the number of requests made to load the images and improving loading speed.

However, for a sprite with many images, it takes time to create the sprite image and the CSS rules.

SpriteMachine is a very straightforward web application for automating the sprite generation process.

Sprite Machine

Just upload the images in a .zip file, choose the sprite image orientation (horizontal or vertical) and there you are.

One great thing about the app is, it also asks whether the rules generates should be in CSS, SCSS or SASS.

Gridpak is an interactive web application for generating responsive grid layouts very quickly.

The width of the grid, number of columns, column padding and gutter width can all be defined which are standard features we have seen from several other layout generators.


It gets better with the ability of adding breakpoints for responsive outputs. You can change the size of the layout, click "Add break point" and there you have it.

Once you have setup the layout, a custom download is ready which includes:

  • a CSS file with all the classes and properties you need to create the responsive grid layout
  • a LESS file with much the same information but including variables, mixins and methods to help you.
  • an SCSS file like the LESS file, but in SCSS.
  • a semi transparent PNG image for each grid you have created to help with your design, or with lining things up in your front end.
  • a JavaScript snippet that allows you to toggle an overlay of your grid on and off in any browser using the 'G' key.