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Opera Unite: Browser Becomes A Server

Opera, with version 10, is announcing a new feature named Opera Unite which converts any device running this browser into a web server. It is an open platform where, using its API, developers can create new services/products (with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SVG and AJAX) which will be served from user's computers. ...


Server Supervisor Giveaway: Winners Announced

Last week, a post at WebResourcesDepot had announced a giveaway of 3 Server Supervisor licenses. Winners of the giveaway can be found at the end of the post. To remind: Server Supervisor is a software for monitoring any network & website for minimum downtime. It is easy to use, can be setup instantly & ...


Server Supervisor: 3 Licenses Giveaway

Server Supervisor, a software (with a web-based interface) for monitoring performance / availability of networks & websites, is giving away 3 licenses ($200/license value) to WebResourcesDepot readers. Details of the giveaway can be found at the bottom of the post. What is Server Supervisor? It is a software, ...


Tips To Improve Website Speed

Info: Every user / developer has different experiences. Any more tips that you share in the comments will be appreciated. "Why is my website slow?" is a popular question. And it is a vital problem for a website. Faster the website, happier & more the visitors. That's a well-known fact. There ...