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Android Lollipop has become the standard method of design for smartphones powered by Google’s OS. This design follows the popular flat techniques to a T with slight drop shadows, but almost no gradients or bevels. It’s an easy technique to master but difficult to gain momentum.

These tutorials can teach even a complete novice how to design Android interfaces in Photoshop, Sketch, and Illustrator.

Tuts+ Material Intro

google material design introduction

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In the past, "few resources for sketching websites on paper with ease" was shared at WRD.

Here is a new one –Responsive Sketchsheets– that fulfills the need of sketching responsive website layouts by ZURB.

Responsive Sketchsheets

The download pack includes a single PDF file with multiple scenarios: "only mobile", "mobile and desktop", "tablet (with orientation)".

Also, another package is provided which includes the standard sketchsheets by the same company.

When designing websites and/or apps, sketching ideas can help thinking on ideas visually and ease discussing on them.

Interface Sketch is a pack of free browser sketch sheets for web, mobile and tablet.

They are available as PDF files, provided in 2 sizes: A4 + US letter and includes the most popular devices like iPad, iPhone 4-5, Nexus Tablet, Android Phone or Windows 8.

Interface Sketch

Every web designer can follow a different route when sketching the output. It can be an image in the mind, created with a software, drawn with hand on a paper, etc.

Whatever your choice is and even if paper sketching is not your best option, it can still be needed for anyone (while discussing with a client, sketching offline and instantly..).

Paper Browser

Paper Browser is a set of PDF files that look like a browser which can be used for sketching easily once they are printed.

There are 2 different sets:

  • Quick sketch: proportionally scaled to 1024x768px and subdivided into width sections (800, 960, 1024)
  • Browser sketch: canvas is 1024x768px minus the height of the browser toolbar and status bar with 32*32px grids.

They both come with landscape and portrait versions.

Do you start creating a design by sketching it via hand? Or you’re working on a web project & describing your ideas to your team members by just drawing them? Then you’ll find these free PDF graph papers handy.

Free PDF Graph Paper

These graph papers simply help you create better sketches by helping you to keep the ratios & taking notes.

P.S. These PDF documents are formatted for 8.5" x 11" paper in landscape orientation.