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Sparklines, the tiny charts that can be used near a sentence, headline, graphic.., are very handy for visualizing data inside the content.

Sparky is a free JavaScript sparklines library that depends on Raphaël and very easy to use.

Sparky - JavaScript Sparklines Library

It has support for multiple chart types (line, bar and area) where line + area charts can have multiple colors as well.

The usage is very straightforward; just create an HTML element (preferably <span> for inline use) and provide the values as an array with a data attribute. And, define the settings (width, height, colors, padding, etc.) with a JS function.

Peity is a jQuery plugin for creating word-sized charts (sparklines) using HTML5 <canvas>.

It has support for bar, line and pie charts where color, width, radius and delimeter can be updated.

Peity jQuery Sparklines Plugin

The plugin adds a "change" event trigger to the graph elements, so, once their data is updated, the charts can be regenerated instantly.

If you would like to add new chart types, Peity can be extended by adding the new charting functions easily.