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Once you understand the basics of CSS it’s natural to move onto more detailed subjects. Animation is one such area which has been quite complicated until recently. CSS3 allows frontend developers to animate subjects without any JavaScript whatsoever. SVG images can be used with CSS3 to create stretchy and vectorized animations. The following tutorials should get you on the right track towards mastering SVG animation with CSS.

Christmas Lights

animated svg christmas lights

SVG Files in Illustrator

exporting svg from adobe illustrator

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The usage of SVG is gaining traction, thanks to its browser support, being scalable and open to manipulation.

IconMelon is a library of free SVG icons that are created by different designers.


It allows us to select items from each set and create a new set for download which makes sure we only insert the icons to be used on our web pages and end up in a smaller file size.

Also, there is an option to add effects like shadow, blur or emboss to the icons.

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  • SVG is a very flexible file format as it can be scaled, manipulated and works in all major browsers.

    SVGeneration, a website, features beautiful patterns created with SVG which can be used in our projects freely.


    There are many graphics offered and we can submit new ones as well.

    Each graphic can be customized with the help of a web-based editor (colors, sizes..) and the SVG + CSS codes are generated automatically.

    IKONS is a lovely and free vector icon set that is created by the designer Piotr Kwiatkowski.

    There are 264 items in the set that are flat, mono-colored and consistent with each other.

    IKONS Icon Set

    Icons are available in multiple vector formats like SVG, AI, ESP, PSD, CSH and also in PNG (32px, 64px, 128px).

    They include items of actions, media controls, social networks and can be used in personal + commercial projects.

    There is a growing number of web fonts, each have lots of items and, sometimes, we only need few from each.

    Font Combiner is a free and web-based tool for picking the letters from each font and generating a custom one.

    Font Combiner

    It also empowers us with features like changing the kerning, subsetting, hinting options and multiple font glyph combinations.

    The tool hosts lots of free web fonts to choose from and works can be downloaded as PNG or SVG.