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D3-Cloud is a beautiful and open sourced implementation of word clouds that are familiar from

It is built with the D3.js library, uses HTML5 canvas for drawing the output and works asynchronously for a good performance.

D3 Word Cloud

The size of the cloud, font used, font-size, padding and more stuff can be customized.

Also, a web-based word generator with SVG + PNG downloads is provided.

Bonsai is an open source JavaScript library for creating graphics and animations.

The library renders the outputs using SVG and comes with an intuitive, feature-rich API.

There is support for creating simple shapes (rectangle, circle, ellipse, etc.) with specific functions and a path() function exists for drawing any custom shapes.

BonsaiJS - JavaScript Graphics Library

It is possible to apply colors, gradients and filters (grayscale, blur, opacity and more) to these shapes.

Many mouse (or touch) and keyboard events are already built-in to the library and they can be managed easily.

Bonsai has support for standard animations and also keyframe animations for setting up a series of consecutive animations.

And, lots of easing functions exist for using them inside the animations.

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  • Just like "there is never too much icons", there is also never too much icon fonts and here is a new one.

    Sosa is a free icon font with 120+ items under categories like web, social, e-commerce, forms, weather and more.

    It comes in multiple formats: .ttf .eot .svg + .woff and can be consumed with @font-face CSS property.

    Free Icon Font - Sosa

    jsDraw2DX is a standalone JavaScript library for creating any type of interactive graphics with SVG (and VML for old IE browsers).

    Besides the ability to generate all basic shapes like line, rectangle, polygon, circle, ellipse, arc, etc., the library can draw curves, beziers (any degree), function plots, images and decorated text.


    The library is object-oriented and its coordinate system + scaling can all be configured.

    As it uses SVG, interactivity can be easily accomplished by manipulating the DOM.

    P.S. jsDraw2DX is built by the creators of jsDraw2D which draws any shapes using JavaScript.

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  • JustGage is a JavaScript-based solution for generating good-looking animated gauges.

    It is built on top of Raphaël library for vector drawing, uses SVG, and it can scale-in-size perfectly.

    JavaScript Gauges - JustGage

    The style of the gauges can be customized with colors (single or gradient), width-height and labels being on/off.

    Also, it is possible to set min/max values, animation type on initial load and more.

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  • Flash was the tool for creating interactive maps where we can hover or click any region and see details about them.

    Right now, it is easier to create maps with JavaScript and, thanks to JS frameworks, it even gets much simpler.


    jVectorMap is a jQuery plugin for creating such interactive maps very quickly.

    It uses SVG as the map format and there are various ready-to-use map files provided. Also, using a vector graphics editor (like Adobe Illustrator), we can draw anything (like the map of a shopping mall), export it to SVG and add interactivity to it.

    There are options provided for customization (colors, opacity, etc.) and callbacks exist on every level.

    P.S. There is also a Python converter for creating map data from GIS files.

    P.S.2 If you are in search of vector freebies, checks these vector images.

    iconmonstr is a free set of mono-colored and very simplistic yet beautiful icons.

    The set includes 600+ items and it is possible to find multiple variations for almost each element.

    Icons are mostly focused for web apps as most of them are actions, charts, badges or social networking-related.


    They are available as PNG + SVG files and completely free to be used in free + commercial projects.

    P.S. The only bad part is that the set is not offered as a single download pack but you have to browse pages to view/download each of them.

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  • SeuratJS is a plugin for the powerful Raphaël that enables us to create vivid animations and pixelated artwork.

    It extracts the color information from any given image and rebuilds it in SVG with the modifications applied.

    The plugin works cross-browser and can be customized with various settings (like the shape of the brush being used to re-generate images).


    NVD3.js is an open source charting library that is built on top of the impressive D3.js.

    The library follows the practices an style of "how D3.js was built" which makes it comfortable for D3.js fans.

    Charts generated are interactive and can be easily improved or customized.

    Although it is in the early stages of its development, there are already multiple chart types including line, bubble, area and several combinations of them.


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  • Meteocons is a set of free icons that is focused on a single subject: the weather.

    The set contains 40+ items covering most of the weather conditions, new items are added time-by-time and it is offered in many formats:

    • PSD, CHS, EPS, SVG
    • desktop and web-font

    This handy icon set is completely free for both personal and commercial projects.


    Uptime Robot