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FusionCharts LogoToday, almost every web application uses charts to visualize data and provide as much information as possible with a user-friendly interface.

FusionCharts Suite XT is a professional (and paid) JavaScript chart library that enables us to create any type of charts.

FusionCharts Splash

It uses SVG and has support for 90+ chart types, including 3D, gantt, funnel, various gauges and even maps of world/continents/countries/states. Also, most of the charts have both 2D and 3D versions.

They are very easy-to-create and, optionally, an official jQuery plugin exists to simplify it more. Just define the chart type, insert the data and you are almost there.

FusionCharts Demo1

Charts are completely customizable. The labels, fonts, colors, borders, etc. can all be changed.

And, they are heavily interactive with tooltips, clickable legend keys, drill-down, zooming/scrolling and one-click chart export or print.

FusionCharts Map

Considering that the charts are rendered in SVG, they are compatible with any desktop or mobile browser including the old versions like IE6.

When building something complicated, besides the features, the support becomes important too. FusionCharts Suite XT is very well-documented, has an active community forum and comes with pro support.

The library has a detailed pricing structure that covers many use-cases like: commercial website, intranet, Saas app and more.

Drawing anything using modern web technologies is possible, however, the default APIs are not that user-friendly.

Two.js is an exciting JavaScript library that provides a 2-dimensional and single drawing API for SVG, Canvas And WebGL.

The library has only (currently) support for shapes (no text or images) and allows importing SVG data.


It can group multiple elements which is useful when transforming them together.

There is a built-in animation loop, methods to draw well-known shapes and lots of options to customize them.

Kartograph is a framework for creating interactive maps without any mapping provider (like Google Maps).

It consists of 2 libraries:

  • a Python library thatrenders vector maps from shapefiles or PostGIS and converts them to SVG
  • a JavaScript library for turning these SVG data into interactive maps

If you already have the SVG data (for ex: any drawing can be converted to SVG with Adobe Illustrator), only the JavaScript library can help too.

The JS library uses jQuery + Raphaël, outputs can be styled with CSS and a very good documentation is provided.

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  • Maps are used so widely in web design and they are usually expected to be interactive when presenting data.

    It can be the branches of an international company, statistics about  countries or just destinations to visualize. Like said, lots of uses.

    Simplemaps is a website that provides professional, highly-customizable and interactive maps built with JavaScript and SVG (or Flash).

    SVG Maps - Simplemaps

    SVG has a wide browser-support and it works very well on mobile + tablet as well.

    There are maps for “world/countries, continents, USA and Canada” and the usage +customization doesn’t require advanced development knowledge. It works by simply editing a text file and a detailed, step-by-step documentation exists.

    Also, Simplemaps website has an online customization tool that enables the users to edit the countries, change colors, descriptions, links and more.

    Considering that the maps are in vector (SVG), tiny or huge, they work great on all sizes. And, they even come with a zoom-in functionality.

    SVG USA map

    With some JavaScript, it is so easy to add new features to them like tooltips, selectable regions and much more.

    To sum up, SVG maps are definitely the way to go for modern web maps and Simplemaps has a wide range of products on the field.

    P.S. For Flash fans, the website also offers similar maps in Flash with their source code.

    How to join the giveaway?

    Simplemaps is giving away 3 licenses (for a map of your selection). Commenting to this post is enough.

    Winners will be selected on 22 April 2013 (1 week later) with the query below and announced as an update to this post.:

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    Good luck to all.

    The winners

    Here they are:

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    Congratulations and thanks to everyone for joining.


    You may remember CSS3 Patterns Gallery that was created by Lea Verou which is a great idea for flexible patterns.

    Here is an alternative: SVG Patterns Gallery that uses only SVG for creating good-looking patterns.

    Compared to standard images, SVG scales perfectly, high-dpi screens can make use of it and it works on IE9 too (CSS3 gradients don’t).

    SVG Patterns Gallery