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JQVMap is a jQuery plugin for rendering vector maps by using SVG for modern browsers and VML for the rest.

It is a heavily modified version of another plugin, jVectorMap, and comes with ready-to-use maps of "world, USA, Europe and Germany".

There are several customization options for beautifying the maps including colors, borders or their opacities.

jQuery JQVMAp

Maps can have zooming enabled or not, show tooltips of data when hovered and there is callback for clicks.

Also, it is possible to select any regions on initial load or after any custom event.

Icon fonts (pictograms) are great for having scalable and easy-to-style icons in web projects and they seem to be used more and more each day.

Fontello is a web-based and open source project that allows us to combine any selected items from multiple iconic fonts to create a custom + lighter font.

There are 3 built-in iconic fonts (Entypo, Iconic, Web Symbols). Within few steps (select any letters from the icons, re-arrange them), you get a new font.

The generated font is in SVG and web fonts can be produced from it using online generators like the one that FontSquirrel provides.


PICOL (Pictorial Communication Language) is a project to find a standard + reduced sign system for electronic communication and comes with a set of 500+ icons for that.

Items in the set are mono-colored and has 3 versions: 16*16px PNG, 32*32px PNG and SVG.

There are some badge icons inside the set (like accept, edit, delete) for adding an action message to icons.

Also, a web-based generator helps creating a custom icons in any size with the desired badge.


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  • JSGL is a JavaScript graphics library for drawing and moving vector shapes with ease.

    The library enables us to create and transform objects (using SVG/VML) dynamically.

    There are built-in elements like line, circle, ellipse, polygon, etc. and support for stroking and/or filling them with many customization options.

    Demos provided (PathFinder and NeuralNet) give us a strong opinion on the capabilities of the library.

    JSGL - JavaScript Graphics

    Desktop users are experienced enough to know how they can interact with a website, use shortcuts and get the most out of the browser.

    For touch-enabled interfaces, things are different. There is a new question: "which gestures are supported by the app/website?".

    Cue is a free (public domain) gestural icon system that aims to build a standard visual language of touch-based interactions.

    Cue - Gesture Icons

    There are icons for actions like swipe, drap, touch, tap and hold, spread and more.

    Each icon comes in a labeled and unlabeled version and the set is in .PNG, .SVG Omnigraffle Stencil and InDesign formats.

    Web Symbols is a free font that includes many widely-used icons in websites and apps rather than letters.

    It has icons for CMS interfaces, gallery navigation, social networks, social apps and various other items like a loader, e-mail or list.

    The typeface comes in all the required formats including .woff, .ttf, .svg, and .eot.

    Web Icons Typeface

    Web Typography for the Lonely is a website that creates awesome typography using web standards (such as SVG, Html5 canvas and CSS3) and JavaScript.

    There are both static and interactive examples and all of them are documented in detail.

    Web Typography for the Lonely

    It is possible to download the sources of the experiments and also find the related articles/resources that inspired or helped completing the experiments.

    P.S. Some of the depend on various other libraries like jQuery or Raphael.js, however, the developer targets to make them standalone.

    Elycharts is an easy-to-use and customizable library for creating charts with only JavaScript.

    The library supports most of the popular chart types including line, column, are, bar, pie, sparklines and combinations.


    Elycharts comes with many interactions like mouse tracking and events, highlight of selected areas with various animations, tooltip and hints, html anchors and many more.

    Also, it can modify data dynamically with good-looking animations to display the change in charts.

    The charts are generated with SVG/VML and the library is built on jQuery + Raphaël.

    Flexi is a lightweight (4.3kb) color picker that doesn't use any images (thanks to SVG/VML), CSS or 1px hacks but only JavaScript.

    It is a standalone script that doesn't require any JavaScript frameworks and can pass the color selected in hexadecimal, HSV and RGB formats.

    The dimensions, position of the picker and slide area can be fully customized in CSS just like any other div element.

    Flexi Color Picker

    For anyone developing Android applications and/or creating an Android-related website, using the official icons for the platform would be a time-saver.

    The Android SDK includes the complete set of icons, however, they are in .PNG format and hard to resize or customize.

    Olof Brickarp, who is a UI/graphics designer, has converted most of the whole official icons into vector formats which are now available in .AI, .EPS and .SVG.

    Vector Android Icons

    Uptime Robot