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18° Animated Tag Clouds Built With HTML5 Canvas: TagCanvas

In the beginning of the web 2.0 trend, tag clouds were one of the most popular items of web design. And, they were (and still are) very useful in helping readers to easily locate the most-used tags. Afterwards, the Flash-powered animated tag canvas came and it conquered many websites. The Flash -kinda- died, HTML5 is ...


How To Use Canvas Tag In Internet Explorer?

It seems that canvas tag ( <canvas> ) will be very popular as it allows drawing graphics using scripting. Canvas tag is supported in Firefox, Opera 9, Safari by default to allow 2D command-based drawing. But it is not supported by Internet Explorer. ExplorerCanvas is a JavaScript that you can insert into your ...


How To Create A Static Tag Cloud?

Tag Clouds, which has a positive seo effect for websites + increases the usability of websites in many cases are normally generated dynamically. You may want to create a static tag cloud or see the keyword density of a website - file - text input as a tag cloud. TagCrowd TagCrowd is a web-based service which ...