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While working on a web project, cross-browser testing is one of the most important (and demotivating) tasks.

DalekJS is a free and open source user interface testing tool that is built with JavaScript (Nodejs).

It is capable of running the tests from a set of popular browsers (Chrome, IE, Firefox and WebKit).

DalekJS  - UI Testing With JavaScript

The tests are all created in JavaScript and it is possible to check everything from the dimensions of a page/element to the contents, title, etc.

Also, the tool can perform actions like clicking links, filling/submitting forms, resizing the window and, most importantly, take screenshots.

If you are not familiar with Nodejs, don’t let this stop you, it is very easy to setup + use. Just follow the very detailed docs.

When we want to test how a web project will render in a different browser, we usually copy/paste the URL in the new browser and load it.

Catapulty, a bookmarklet, has a simpler solution that reduces the steps involvedĀ (copy, paste and hit “enter”: 3 steps).

There are 2 bookmarklets: throw and hit. When we press “throw”, the URL to be loaded in other browsers is stored by the service and, when we press “hit” in other browsers, the URL is loaded there. That simple.


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  • Years pass and browsers still render stuff very differently : ). It seems like they will keep doing so considering the different engines out there: WebKit, Gecko, IE, Presto (Opera).

    They have different defaults, some CSS properties don't work on another and there can even be inconsistencies when rendering JavaScript.

    BrowseEmAll is a Windows software for testing a website with many different browsers interactively and removing the pain out of the whole testing process.


    The software looks and works like a browser which allow us to select the rendering engine from a wide list of options:

    • Internet Explorer (7 – 9)
    • Firefox (3.6 – 12)
    • Chrome (12, 16, 19)
    • Safari (4, 5, 5.1)
    • Opera (10, 11)
    • iPhone, iPhone 4
    • iPad, iPad 2 simulator
    • Android (2.2, 2.3, 3.2 tablet, 4.0, 4.0 tablet)

    It is also possible to select the resolution and viewport (landscape or portait) for mobile + tablet browsers.

    Once a website is loaded with the browser of our preference, we can browse it like a regular website and see if things work as expected.

    Under the loaded website, there is a useful little feature, "Inspect and Compare", for comparing the HTML + DOM structure of the loaded URL with another browser to better locate any possible inconsistencies.

    BrowseEmAll Report

    As BrowseEmAll works on our computer, we can also test websites hosted locally and no need to upload them to the web.

    Besides browsing websites, the software can also automatically-generate cross-browser compatibility reports for selected browsers. The report includes screenshots with each browser and any HTML-CSS errors (if exists). 

    To sum up, BrowseEmAll is a very good option for very quickly testing websites across multiple browsers with a single installation. Specially, the local testing feature makes it pretty unique.

    How to join the giveaway?

    BrowseEmAll is giving away 5 Professional licenses (worth $89/each).

    In order to join the giveaway, you can choose one of the methods below or do both to increase your chances:

    Winners will be selected randomly on 06 Jun 2012 (1 week later). Good luck to all.

    The winners

    Here they are:

    • DR (comment #607895)
    • ‏@ptamaro
    • Roger Willis (comment #605492)
    • Murat Pala (comment #610234)
    • @michelfortin

    Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone for joining the giveaway.

    Considering 99% of the websites/web applications has a part which send e-mails (like contact or sign-up pages), "testing if e-mails can be sent or not" is a frequent task.

    Papercut is an open source simplified SMTP server, created specially for local testing purposes, that only receives messages & allows you to see the messages it receives.

    Papercut - SMTP Testing Software

    It can sit in the system tray & when a new message is received, a balloon message will show up to let you know.

    Another good thing is, Papercut is very light & doesn't have an installer, just an .exe that works when clicked.

    Optionally, it is possible to bind the application to a specific IP address or a port other than 25.

    To sum up, the application is very handy for anyone who is testing e-mail sending functionality of their web applications locally & doesn't want to deal with any other setup or wait for the test e-mails to arrive.

    Automated web application testing is done very rarely & it is generally thought as an unnecessary + hard to setup system.

    Magnify GlassTruth is, automated testing is a must, because it saves so much time during development & when the project is live. Also, with the right tools, it is generally very easy to setup.

    Using testing tools, once the scenarios are created, you can:

    • test every feature of the whole application with a click
    • get written reports instantly with the error logs
    • measure the capacity of your web application on every step
    • get a continiously-watched, less-problematic web application as the result

    There are 2 important web application tests to measure if everything is working (and will work) on your website:

    • Functionality testing: using record-playbacks or scripting, a tool can browse your website, fill forms, click on the links you want & generate a report for you
    • Load/stress testing: even if a web application is working ok with 1 or 10 users, it can show totally different attitudes (like bottlenecks in resource usage) when there are 100 or 1000 active users.

    So, here is a collection of 15 Free Functionality And Load Testing Solutions For Web Applications to create better online experiences:


    Functionality Testing



    Selenium has various projects that can be combined with each other to create a robust testing environment.

    • Selenium IDE: a Firefox add-on to record and playback tests in Firefox.
    • Selenium Remote Control: a client/server system to control web browsers locally or on other computers, using almost any programming language and testing framework.
    • Selenium Grid: like Selenium Remote Control but runs tests on many servers at the same time.
    • Selenium Core: Javascript-based testing system.

    Also there are Selenium projects specifically for Rails, Ruby & Eclipse.


    Watir: Ruby Web Application Testing

    Watir is a set of Ruby libraries which drives browsers just like people. It clicks links, fills in forms, presses buttons. And, it also checks results to report back.

    Watir supports:

    • IE, Firefox, Chrome on Windows
    • Firefox on Mac and Linux
    • Safari on Mac
    • Flash testing with Firefox

    There is also Watij, which is an enhanced version of Watir with Java.

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