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Kort is a creative concept, by Hakim El Hattab (who creates awesome stuff regularly) for displaying thumbnails.

It works by displaying a single thumbnail where others are hidden like a stack of cards and shown when hovered.

Kort - Thumbnail Concept

The navigation is made with mouse movements and there are multiple built-in efffects offered.

Kort is built with CSS3 + JavaScript and a handy resource for featuring images in a limited space.

Pikachoose is a jQuery image gallery plugin for presenting images smoothly & easily.

It displays the thumbnails of the images (which can be set to be staticly resized from the original image or created manually) & enables users to browse the gallery by clicking on the images, via pre-next buttons or with the auto-play feature.

jQuery Gallery

The plugin can display the image captions & any type of HTML can be used in the captions (like links).

Pikachoose is very easy to setup, an unordered list with id="pikachoose" will turn into an image gallery. Any other options are defined in a single-line function.

Automatically created website thumbnails have a wide usage from links in a website to a web application presenting URLs with their thumbnails.

Using a website thumbnail generation service is generally a time-saving decision both for the website owner (as it'll be automated) & the visitor (for getting a better idea about the link).

Here are 10 free website thumbnail solutions including a "how to on creating your own".

Considering you'll probably use one of these services in the future, make sure you bookmark the post.


Shrink The Web

A powerful & free thumbnail service with 250,000 request limits / month & offers more limits in the paid plans.

For the free plan, no custom sizes can be mentioned & inner page thumbnails are not supported (but supports most of the popular sizes). On the other hand, the service is ad-free and works with JavaScript / Flash embed.



websnapr offers free website thumbnails & puts a "powered by websnapr" phrase over the images. There are paid plans without imitations and more features.

There are ready to use plugins for WordPress, Drupal & more that can be found here.

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