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Socialite.js is a JavaScript library for having more control over social sharing buttons.

The library is lightweight (2kb minified-gzipped), standalone and helps the social widgets to load when you want them or only when needed/requested to speed up web pages.


It has support for the major players: Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Spotify. There is no need to install the widget codes for each library as Socialite.js does that for you.

And, the library is extensible, any new social networks can be added with ease.

shareNice is an open source social sharing widget -similar to AddThis or ShareThis- for adding sharing features to any website easily.

It focuses on the privacy of users, doesn't place any cookies or share any information with 3rd party services.

There is built-in support for most of the popular social websites (Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, etc.) and, considering the source is available, new ones can be added (or removed).


It is possible to customize the services to be displayed, color-scheme, icon sizes and the label ("share" by default).

P.S. shareNice is also available as a free-to-use service.

Twitter Bootstrap is a beautiful "web design kit" for creating cross browser, consistent and good looking interfaces.

With a flexible and well-thought HTML/CSS/Javascript structure, it offers many of the popular UI components, a grid system and JavaScript plugins for common scenarios.

Twitter Bootstrap

And, it seems to be rocking the web design community as there are lots of websites already built and being built with it (it is also the most watched/forked repository in GitHub).

Twitter Bootstrap is already powerful enough to empower any web interface. In order to make more use of it and/or ease the development process, there are various tools/resources that complement it.

These include Bootstrap themed vector UI images, WordPress themes, web-based Bootstrap customizers and more. Here they are:

jQuery UI Bootstrap

jQuery UI Bootstrap

This is an awesome resource for jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap users that combines the power of both.

It is a jQuery UI theme that not only brings Bootstrap-themed widgets but also enables us to use (most) of Twitter Bootstrap side-by-wide without any components being broken visually.

Bootstrap Image Gallery

Twitter Bootstrap Image Gallery

This is an extension for the "Modal dialog" of Twitter Bootstrap toolkit for simplifying the navigation through a set of images.

It has features like mouse + keyboard navigation, transition effects, fullscreen mode and slideshow.

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Hovercard is a jQuery plugin that eases displaying information with style when an HTML element of our choice is hovered.

The information box appears with a smooth fading effect and accepts any HTML markup to be used as the content.

jQuery Hovercard

It is very useful for enabling users to reach micro info quickly (like a short bio, price of an item, an image, etc.) and comes with built-in Facebook + Twitter integration. Simply, it can display the details of a Facebook page or Twitter user nicely.

There are options for defining its width, position, background color and more.

Also, callback functions exist when hovering in and out from a Hovercard item.

Sharrre is a jQuery plugin that eases creating social sharing widgets for Facebook,Twitter, Google Plus, Digg and Delicious.

The plugin calls the social buttons on demand which is great for minimizing the number of initial requests and improving loading speeds.

Sharrre jQuery Plugin

Any type of custom designs can be created for the widgets (no need to use the default buttons provided by the social networks) and events(like, +1, tweet, etc.) can be fired up with the plugin's API calls.

P.S. Google Plus widget requires PHP to work (the PHP file is already included in the package).