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Streamie is a web-based, totally real-time and open source Twitter client which makes use of the latest web standards such as HTML5 and CSS3.

It has different menus for displaying mentions, direct messages, favorites or retweets. And, as expected, you can send tweets easily.


A number of options help customizing the application like message filtering, display settings and enabling geolocation.

The application is fully Ajaxed + uses nodeJS, less.js, require.js and Socket.IO which can be a good way of getting experienced in these "getting popular" resources.

At WRD, the previous tweet button for sharing stories was the cool Easy Retweet Button by John Resig. However, it was not perfect as, sometimes, it was unable to communicate with the URL shortener service and the tweet links were appearing buggy.

In search for a better one, I tested few others including the official tweet button. They were loading the links ok but had other issues like "loading slow", "blocking pages on load", etc.

And, for a button that is clicked by -maybe- 1/100 of the visitors, loading the scripts and making requests for every visitor didn't look like the smartest choice.

Here is another method, that is actually used at WRD now which loads very fast for everyone and almost fault-proof.

Faster Tweet Button

Demo Faster Tweet Button Download

How it works?

First of all, the button is hosted locally and it does not make any requests until it is clicked.

  • A link with the querystring that includes URL and the title of the web page is created, pointed to a server-side file (to be presented later in this article) and attached to any custom button we design.
  • Once clicked, it sends the URL and title to the server-side file which creates the tweet link and redirects to Twitter with the tweet.

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Today, if not over-promoted, sharing your social activity or the content you generate in various ways is a good method to gain exposure.

WiseStamp is an add-on, with versions for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Flock and Thunderbird, for  auto-inserting content from various resources to e-mail signatures.


Besides Thunderbird, it is compatible with the popular e-mail services like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and AOL.

The content inserted can be grabbed from a RSS feed, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious or almost any other social network account.

The add-on is multilingual and already has support for 10+ languages.

So So Social is a jQuery plugin which parses RSS feeds from your various social networks and displays them as an "activity feed".

Thanks to YQL, it doesn't require any server-side scripts and can be completely customized with the help of CSS + JS settings.

So So Social jQuery Plugin

By default, the plugin supports Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Tumblr, Last.FM, Delicious and Flickr.

In order to add more services, just digging the code and extending it with the same methodology will be enough.

ShareKit is an open source package for quickly adding share features to any iOS application with just 3 lines of code.

It supports popular services like Delicious, Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, e-mail and more.


The kit enables sharing images, URLs or files and only displays the appropriate services for the type of the content.

ShareKit has a customizable UI to match the look of your application and it works offline as well (sends the pending items when there is a connection).

jTweetsAnywhere is a jQuery Twitter widget for easily integrating tweets into any website.

It supports Twitter's @Anywhere features and can display:

  • tweets from one or more user's feeds
  • tweets from a user's list
  • results of a Twitter search


The widget automatically detects URLs, #hashtags, @usernames and link them accordingly (shows Hovercards when hovering @username or profile images).

It also adds a tweetbox to your website where users can tweet instantly and adds a "connect with Twitter" button so visitors can follow you without leaving the website.

jTweetsAnywhere comes with many options for a maximum customization and lets you to enable/disable the tweetbox + follow buttons, set the number of tweets to be displayed and more.

Like It? Tweet It! is a jQuery-powered Twitter widget that enables visitors to tweet about your page from a chic box appearing at the corner of you web page.

It includes the URL of your website in it and users can fill something personal besides that.

The widget uses the @anywhere API of Twitter which already has such a ready-to-use feature but simpler and less customizable.

Like It? Tweet It!

Like It? Tweet It! is installed by simply inserting a line of JavaScript and adding the function which call the widget (jQuery must already be inserted).

After that, the widget can be customized with several options like:

  • changing various text used
  • choosing an animation type (fade, slide or no animation)
  • URL of the custom CSS file (optional)
  • whether the widget will be displayed as a pop-up or not
  • and more..

There is also a plugin for WordPress users for an instant setup.

OpenLike is a fresh and open source social bookmarking widget which is simple-yet-functional.

Similar to professional services like AddThis or ShareThis, but much simpler, you can add social bookmarking options to any website by simply inserting a JavaScript file.


By default, the widget supports StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg, Google Buzz, Twitter, Facebook Like and Hutch (the ones to be displayed can be customized).

However, as you can get the source, adding new ones is very easy by simply defining them to the JavaScript array, the CSS file and the sprite image.

Storytlr is an open source lifestreaming and micro blogging application where a single installation can be used by one or many websites.

It simply enables you to create a micro-blog which can aggregate content from popular services like:

  • Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon
  • Flickr, Picasa
  • Facebook, Twitter
  • & more


You can create mash-ups to create stories from these data or just use the application for building a website that reflects your online social life.

Storytlr comes with ready to use themes and new ones can be created with HTML/CSS.

The application is built with PHP and uses MySQL as the database.

@anywhere is a set new JavaScript-based methods by Twitter which helps integrating websites with the service easier and better.

It simply works by registering to the @anywhere platform and inserting few lines of JavaScript.

Twitter @anywhere

The integration methods are:

  • Auto-linkification of @usernames
  • Hovercards
  • Follow buttons
  • Tweet Box (enabling users to tweet from your website)
  • User login & signup

It is possible to let the script search for the Twitter usernames in a whole web page or, better, define specific elements/IDs/classes to make it work faster.

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