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GoodUI is a website that regularly shares handy tips for creating “converting and easy-to-use” user interfaces.

The tips are described in detail, visualized nicely and usually easy to apply.


Some of the tips in the list include: “try recommending instead of showing equal choices” or “try undos instead of prompting for confirmation”.

New tips are being added regularly and they a mailing list to update you about these fresh items.

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  • w2ui is a jQuery UI library with many widgets for creating desktop-like and data-driven web applications.

    The library comes as plugins for each widget so that you can choose which ones to use.

    It consists of the following widgets: layout, sidebar, toolbar, grid, popup, tabs, forms and field controls.


    They all play well with each other, make use of HTML5-CSS3 and have powerful APIs for controlling all the aspects of them.

    w2ui is very well-documented, has lots of demos to play with and it is being improved regularly.

    jKit is a free user interface library for jQuery that offers lots of functional features and components.

    It works cross-platform and includes slideshow, tabs, accordion, parallax, zoom, tooltip, form handling, ticker and much more.

    The functions can be integrated as JavaScript or with the help the data-jkit attribute as HTML.

    jKit has a very handy “macro” feature that allows defining any custom code (like a tooltip with a specific fading value) that can be used by simply calling the macro’s name.

    The UI kit is very well-documented with examples and a cheat sheet exists as well.

    The talented team at DesignModo has created a new UI design kit, The Bricks, and they are giving away 3 licenses to WRD readers (2 personal and 1 developer license).

    The Bricks is a PSD UI kit which comes in 4 parts: Forms, Elements, E-commerce and Words.

    The Bricks Addons

    It consists of many beautiful, pixel-perfect items which play well with each other and each having multiple variations.

    A 12 column grid is used and every UI element in the kit fits to the grid perfectly.

    The Bricks UI Kit

    Each layer in the PSD file is named, grouped and organized carefully so that working with them don’t get complicated.

    Also, The Bricks comes with a slick icon set that looks good with the rest of the kit. It is in Photosop Shapes format so that it can scale as we wish.

    The Bricks Icons

    How to join the giveaway?

    3 licenses of The Bricks is being given away:

    • 1 * Developer license
    • 2 * Personal License
    In order to join the giveaway, you can do one or both of the following to increase the chances:
    • Comment with “what do you love the most about The Bricks UI? “
    • And/or, tweet this giveaway with hashtag #wrdbricks (click to tweet easily)
    Winners will be selected on 26 Nov 2012 (1 week later). Good luck to all.

    The winners

    Here they are:
    • @gport_nl (Developer license)
    • Stfan (comment #864087) (Personal license)
    • @samcome (Personal license)

    Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone for joining the giveaway.

    As a designer/developer with developer part being a little stronger, I love making use of ready-to-use design resources as they help creating very good looking stuff quicker.

    Vandelay Premier, a place for premium design resources with lots of beautiful items, has also various attractive UI kits and they are giving away a huge pack to 3 WRD readers (details on joining the giveaway can be found at the bottom of the post). Vandelay Premier members get access to all of these UI sets plus hundreds of other design resources.

    Here are the UI kits in the pack:

    Exotico UI Set

    Exoticı UI Set

    A PSD UI set with 100s of items from navigation to charts, buttons, sliders, loaders, notifications, ribbons and more.

    Exotico's design is stylish and each element is editable through well-layered PSDs.

    Zephirro E-Commerce UI Set

    Zephirro E-Commerce UI Set

    For anyone working on an e-commerce project, Zepphiro is a real helper as it has all the major e-commerce related design elements.

    There are pricing tables, checkout, shopping cart, product listing/filtering designs, buttons, banners and even more.

    Creating mock-ups of an e-commerce project with Zephirro would save serious time.

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