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Konigi, a must-bookmark resource for UI designers, is sharing a handy "do-it yourself wireframe magnets kit" for easy whiteboard prototyping.

They are based on the Konigi wireframe stencils and includes 3 sheets of elements (form elements, HTML editor, etc.).

UI Wireframe Magnets

How To Create Them?

Simply download and print the PDFs on to magnet sheets, optionally laminate them if you intend to use with dry-erase markers, and finally cut them out.

2 Things You May Consider Buying (from

(smt) is a free script, built with JavaScript & PHP, to create a simple mouse tracking system for webpages.

It enables you to watch how visitors interact with a webpage like:

  • which areas they click
  • what parts they highlight
  • & more..

Mouse Tracking Script

(smt) can work with both liquid & fixed layouts. For any user with "JavaScript disabled" it will gracefully degrade.

The script is very easy-to-install by simply uploading the project folder & including the JS files to the pages to be recorded (documentation).

With various options provided, it is possible to enable/disable viewing the mouse activity routes, distances, clicks & more.

Pattern App (previously UI Pattern Factory) is both an user interface design pattern library and UI gallery where it is possible to find the best practices, get inspired, and share your solutions with others.

The website is mostly focused on web-based business applications & shares patterns like:

UI Pattern Factory

Pattern App is also a place where you can ask & vote for new pattern ideas in their forum or add new images to the currently published ones via Flickr.

MochaUI is an user interface library built on the Mootools JavaScript framework.

The library does not use any images but canvas tags for gradients, rounded-corners or shadows.


It is very easy to create horizontally and vertically fluid layout modules with columns and panels. Columns and panels (panels can be tabbed) can be collapsed, expanded, and resized.

New windows can be created instantly and they can be:

  • focused, dragged, resized
  • collapsed/expanded
  • maximized/restored
  • minimized/restored and closed.

For an example with most of the features, click here.

INSPIRE is an online publication of Adobe Experience Design Team which will attract anyone into software, web & graphic design.

The team shares valuable, real-life experiences both written & via videos.

Inspire by Adobe

To give a better idea about the resource, here are some of the recent content published:

INSPIRE is updated regularly & you can find something new almost everyday.

jQuery UI 1.7 is out with a lot of new features, a better core architecture, and major theming improvements.

First of all, it is jQuery 1.3 compatible, so you will be getting the performance jQuery 1.3 has.

Also, every plugin is optimized to produce a better HTML output for a more flexible usage. And, there is a new progress bar plugin.

jQuery UI 1.7

This new version comes with a new CSS framework that supports both jQuery UI plugins & any custom one to be developed Rather than the layout, the framework is concentrated on the UI design.

Besides these, everything that may be needed to use the new release is updated including the ThemeRoller, documentation & demos.

Fluid is an open source software community that:

  • builds user interfaces and commonly used interactions
  • teaches others how to build good user-centred designs
  • works with other software projects to integrate created solutions into their applications.

They have ready-to-use solutions that will attract both designers & developers.

Fluid Project

Fluid Infusion

A set of rich, reusable, accessible web UI components. They are built with usability and accessibility in mind. All are unobtrusive & degrade gracefully.

Some of the components are:

Fluid Open Source Design Pattern Library

A resource presenting design patterns in detail. Currently, it is not a huge library but updated regularly & will be very handy in the future.

Fluid Design Handbook

A guide on user-centered design (UCD) techniques you can use to learn from your users and design better user experiences.

It has information on a variety of UCD practices, from performing user research and creating models (such as personas and scenarios to inform the design process) to performing UX walkthroughs and user testing of your website or application.

Bad Usability Calendar is a calendar displaying "user interface design tips" with a sense of humor.

It has examples of exaggerated use of fancy Web 2.0 design, cover flow, personalization, pull-down menus and more…

UI Design Calendar

Examples from the tips:

  • Don’t require login if you don’t have to
  • Offer personalization where it adds value

It is presented in multiple languages, various sizes & PDF format.

Feng-GUI is a free web based service that enables you to view: "which areas of an UI is getting the most attention when an user looks at it in 5 seconds".

With an artificial intelligence behind, the service generates a heatmap over an image uploaded.

User Interface Heatpmaps

Generated heatmap’s opacity can be changed for a better view & can be viewed in a bigger modal window or downloaded.

Feng-GUI is very handy to get another thought -about a user interface designed- other than the collagues, customers..

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