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Framote is a URL sharing application with an important difference compared to¬†alternative URL shortening services (like, TinyURL); it loads the URLs “live “inside an iframe.

This way, the unique Framote link generated is not bound to a single URL but can be changed anytime by the creator and everyone watching that link will see the updated page instantly.

Framote Live URL Sharing

The app is great for testing web pages on multiple devices as it removes the need to refresh pages or load new pages on each device one-by-one.

Also, using Framote, making presentations or guiding remote users about the usage of a website can all be possible.

The create Framote URLs can be with or without password protection and it is possible to see the number of users connected.

Similar to TinyURL, a short URL service can be created in minutes with Shorty.

Shorty is a PHP script for creating shorter, human readable links from long URLs.

Short URL Script

A reason to prefer using Shorty for personal use rather than TinyURL or similar services may be eliminating the risk of these services becoming offline and losing your links, as you can use this free short URL script forever.

Shorty has an admin interface where links can be organized and clicking statistics can be viewed. You can even have a RSS for your links.

For URL rewriting, directory protection, url forwarding or other advanced purposes, every web developer or website owner uses .htaccess files frequently.

.htaccess coding can be very complex depending on what is wanted to be achieved. For standard, simple usage, the commands are easy to use and even easier with the online .htaccess Editor.

Online htaccess Editor

htaccess Editor, with an input based ajax interface, asks the user which directory needs to be password protected, error page to be shown and even redirect directives. Depending on the inputs, a .htaccess file is created on the fly.