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Simply Testable – Free & Automated Site-Wide HTML Markup Validation

After creating a website, one of the first things done is to run W3C validators to see if we coded HTML-CSS according to web standards. But, although it is easy to perform this task for a website with few pages, this is pretty difficult and time-consuming for any larger sites. Simply Testable is a free-to-use web ...


Lightweight jQuery Form Validation Plugin: Happy.js

There are various form validation plugins for jQuery and very good ones exist between them. Many of them have lots of features and, if you are looking for a simplistic one, Happy.js can be a good alternative. The plugin is lightweight and supports few input validations by default (required, date, number, e-mail, ...


Markup Validation For The Complete Website: W3Clove

The official W3C validator is a great place for checking if our website's HTML/XHTML is standards compliant. However, it can validate a single URL at a time. W3Clove is a free to use web service which crawls any given website to generate the sitemap of it (or accepts sitemaps directly) and validates each URL ...


Free CSS Toolbox

Free CSS Toolbox is a software that can save time of a web designer. It is a set of tools that will help you in almost any process related to CSS. Tools include: Simple CSS Editor CSS Formatter / Beautifier CSS Compressor W3C CSS Validation Service Intergration The software is very easy to ...


Ajax Live Form Validation With LiveValidation

Validating forms as users type is a nice feature for users, it lets them see when they make a mistake. An ajax live form validation library, LiveValidation is not only a form validation library, it can also be used for other types of validations. The naming conventions and parameters of the validations are ...