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Finding a name is an important part of every project and this process is getting harder and harder as many domain names are already taken. is a website that helps finding a domain in a more organized way with the usability it offers.

First of all, the interface is pretty plain and this eases focusing on the search. The search works as-you-type and displays results for the popular extensions instantly.

If a domain is not available, a common move is usually browsing that website to see what it is about. PCNames can show its thumbnail so you can get back to searching quickly.

The website keeps track of the search history and lets you favorite any names. Even if you return back to the website few days later, you can find your search list and decide on a name, no need to write down the names on a paper.

Another handy feature is the available domain name suggestions that are offered while you search.

There are also various tools that you can make use of like:

To sum up, is a must-bookmark resource for finding a domain name.

Every designer & developer has at least few domain names (some of us has many).

Also, we all have projects in mind that searching the domain names for them is sometimes the biggest joy of the project as it is an important process.

The tools & services mentioned in this post are not the "all" solutions you can find but, considering domain names are valuable assets, they are the ones I experienced or still using regarding managing & searching for domain names. And they work great.

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Domain Search


Domize – Very Fast Domain Search

Domize Domain Search

Domize is a simple but very effective & fast domain search site which shows you results while you type. It looks for the availability of all possible domains by removing the last letters of the searched word like: testsearch, testsearc, testsear & so..

It also has an iPhone interface and can be integrated to any website via a widget.


Ajax Domain Search

An Ajax domain name search which also lets you to see the PageRank & provides the links for validators and other domain tools.

Bust A Name

Bust A Name

Bust A Name has a fast Ajaxed domain search. You can instantly save the domains that you searched for reviewing them again.

Also, it has a word combiner that lookups for the domains that are generated from the keywords mentioned. These features make it a "must use" for the process of thinking & searching" for a name.


Domain Name Keywords

This site helps you find a nice domain name with the keywords you provide + the theme based dictionary it has.

If you don’t exactly know what are you looking for & have ideas flying around, MakeWords can help you.

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