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Windows 8 has arrived and the familiar look of Windows OS has completely changed with the tile-based Metro UI.

This is a big move by Microsoft as this new UI will be used in all their platforms including desktop, tablet, mobile and their website as well.

Personally, I liked the Metro UI as it fits into many aspects of the modern web design like simplicity, grid-based interfaces (good for responsive layouts) and it is consistent in every part (there is really a style guide behind it).

Metro UI Websites

Although tile-based UIs is nothing new, Metro UI will definitely inspire many designers and we’ll see websites similar to it.

If you like the Metro UI and planning to create your next website with inspirations from it, here are all the resource to create Windows 8 Metro UI-like layouts:


Frameworks & Templates

Metro UI CSS

Metro UI CSS

Metro UI CSS is a pretty complete framework for building Metro-like websites.

It is created with LESS and has a grid system, styles for typography, tables, forms, buttons, and images

There are also built-in JavaScript components for the popular tiles, menu, sidebar, accordion, progress bars, notices and more.



BootMetro is like a theme for Twitter Bootstrap that brings every feature of Bootstrap but with a Metro design.

It is actually some more as there are custom styles for the tiles, application bar and some other components.

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We probably all know Twitter Bootstrap, the exciting, feature-rich framework (by Twitter) for easily/quickly building websites.

BootMetro is another one, which is built on top of Twitter Bootstrap, for creating Metro/Windows 8-styled websites.


The framework is inspired form the Metro UI CSS and provides a pretty solid base for the fans of this (possibly to become popular) UI style.

It includes all the features, components + plugins of Bootstrap and extras like the tiled pages, application bar and more.

After so many years, Windows OS is having a huge overhaul with its Metro UI and it seems like their new style may spread to web apps as well.

Metro UI CSS is a set of styles for creating such interfaces. It is a self-contained solution but can also be used side-by-side with any other frameworks.

Metro UI CSS

There are styles for the popular tiles, images, notices, forms, buttons and typography.

The framework is also a "work in progress" and is mentioned to be enriched with more layout options + features.

Icons 8 is a regularly updated set of beautiful icons that are inspired from the Windows 8 interface.

Currently, there are 140+ items where 3 new ones are added each day (users can send suggestions for new icons).

They are in transparent .PNG format with 26*26px size and come in black&white colors.

There are icons of arrows, e-commerce, payment methods, sports, music and more.

Update (14 Feb 2012): The icons are now also available in .EPS vector format.

Icons 8