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Pingendo is a fresh IDE that is currently in beta status and available for Win + Mac.

It is currently free (can become paid after the beta – no info on that) and focuses on easing web authoring.

There is a DOM-tree editor which we can quickly view the tree and edit their styles and/or properties.


Pingendo has built-in support for Bootstrap + Foundation frameworks an Font Awesome (more such stuff will be added).

Also, CSS rules can be edited visually, including CSS3 ones like gradients or transformations.

You already know Google Pagespeed, a pack of tools and services for optimizing the performance of websites.

And, they have a widely-used module named mod_pagespeed that auto-applies the best performance practices to Apache-hosted websites.

There is now a Windows alternative for it, IISpeed, that is free and offers the same feature set.

IISpeed - Google Pagespeed For Windows

It is capable of minifying, rewriting and combining JavaScript + CSS files, optimizing + auto-spriting images and many other stuff provided by Pagespeed.

IISpeed is installed on the server level and it is compatible with IIS 7,7.5 and 8.

TideSDK is an open source platform for building desktop apps using web technologies (HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript).

The apps can be created for all major operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) and server-side languages like PHP, Python and Ruby are supported as well.


This is actually not a new project, it was previously known as Titanium Desktop, re-branded recently and is going through a major change/improvements (which we thought it is worth re-sharing).

Apps built with TideSDK can make use of the filesystem, have an integrated database, display notifications and much more.

And, the platform has a well-documented API and an active developer community which is great for getting support.

TeamWox LogoFor any small to large businesses, in order to manage the data effectively, using a groupware app to accomplish the most common tasks is a very good choice.

TeamWox, a professional groupware application, handles this process very well by offering a full package.

The application allows users to create tasks, assign them to users and follow their statuses which is very useful for getting things done. Also, users can discuss about tasks (or anything) in a built-in message board.

TeamWox Tasks

Any number of documents can be added to the system within a desired structure and users, who has permissions, can view them.

There is a full-featured e-mail client so that you don't need to switch to another software for that.

It also includes modules for human resources management, CRM, service desk and accounting (with e-Bank support).

Besides these core features above, there are some very exciting ones like:

IP PBX Phone System

TeamWox PBX

TeamVox is equipped with a IP PBX system which allows users to call each other or make external calls from the integrated messenger app.

The system works with many IP telephony service providers (like Skype Connect, iBasis, etc.) and, once setup, it will help a lot in shrinking communication expenses.

Live Chat (Online Assistant) and Service Desk

TeamWox Live Chat

These are public components which can be integrated into any website for customer feedback.

Live Chat is a widget which we are all familiar with. It enables web users to chat with the TeamWox users which is mostly used for providing instant support.

Web users can choose the department they want to contact and the system connects them with a system user from that department.

Service Desk is for accepting requests from the customers, displaying their statuses and managing them in the background (for a software company, it can be easily used as a bug tracker).

All Modules

Here is the full list of modules (which all work in the same interface):

  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Tasks
  • Documents Management (DocFlow)
  • eMail Client
  • Organizations & Contacts (CRM functions)
  • Message Board (Forum)
  • Corporate Search Engine
  • Reports
  • Online Assistant (Chat)
  • Service Desk (HelpDesk)
  • Accounting and e-Bank
  • IP PBX Phone System


TeamWox is a paid application which licenses the product according to the number of users.

On the other hand, for micro businesses (up to 10 users) and educational institutions, it is completely free.


The application is available both as SaaS and downloadable packages (Windows).

It handles many tasks and very handy for businesses with many employees. Actually, such a system is a must and TeamWox offers more than expected.

TileMill is an application (with Windows, Mac and Linux versions) for creating totally-customized and beautiful maps.

Normally, working with GIS data is complicated but TileMill simplifies that as much as possible by sharing data between projects, downloading and unzipping shapefiles, autodetecting projections, indexing SQLite databases, etc. to help us focus on the output.


It can read from multiple popular data sources and enables us to use any patterns/textures, fonts and images on maps.

As web designers/developers, the part that eases the usage of TileMill is its design language: CartoCSS, which is very similar to CSS and has support for mixins, variables and functions.

Also, interactions like hover tooltips or clickable pop-ups can be added to the maps.