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Are you tired of looking for the right tool but never being sure if you’re getting your money’s worth? Would you like to get a new useful tool for your work but going through the thousands of resources available seems to daunting? Would you like to know what are some of the best tools and resources available out there?

Luckily, we have the answer. Here is a list of tools and resources for web and design professionals that are guaranteed to supply your every need.

Muffin Group – BeTheme


BeTheme is a multi-purpose responsive theme that has become very popular in the web development community. The experts at Muffin group created it to be so versatile and at the same time so easy to use, that it is perfect for any user and any type of website.
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Multipurpose WordPress themes are becoming more and more popular these days. For the price of a single theme you acquire a so-called all-in-one theme, a tool that allows you to create multiple variations of design, and structure your site, literally, the way you want. We’d like to introduce you to one such theme that has recently been launched by TemplateMonster.

The theme is called MONSTROID and it’s more than just another WP theme.

monstroid themes

It’s a theme that you can use for any type of website no matter what your level of experience. Monstroid comes with a pack of child themes, 120+ PSD files, 50+ licensed images, 23 powerful plugins, and 145 pages with multiple layouts, styles, UI elements, typography options, animations, etc. And that is only the tip of the iceberg. Let’s take a closer look at what lies behind Monstroid and the unique possibilities it offers.
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Elegant Themes has just released their latest version of Divi, their flagship theme. Divi 2.4 is expected to become more popular than ever because of a massive revamping of key features, including header options, module settings, and the addition of a new library. You will in fact find significant enhancements and improvements in almost all areas.

Divi has been a popular WordPress theme since its inception, due in large part to its ease of use and flexibility. With this upgrade, both characteristics have been enhanced considerably, and to the point where the website developer has a nearly unlimited set of options to work with.
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  • Teams are no longer popular and it has been found that working in one can be unproductive sometimes. When you need to stay in contact with an individual for one process, as well as with another individual for a different one, it can be difficult to have a fast process of delivering the product to your client.

    It is for this reason why web designers who are based in solution orientated processes are now focusing on a role that involves being a one-man operation. This can be achieved via themes that revolve around multipurpose techniques and these involve layouts that are pre-made and which make everything better and faster.

    How a multipurpose WordPress theme can help you with your productivity

    In the modern day and age there are many good web designers, so competition is fierce. This means that designers are often fighting for the same set of clients, as well as the same type of attention and technology.
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  • Online job boards have risen in popularity with the current phase of Internet technology. Every company is looking for their next employee, and job boards have allowed companies to search anywhere in the country(or even the world!). Best of all it’s super easy to launch a custom job board focused on any career track from writing to marketing and development.

    Take a look over the following WordPress themes and plugins built for creating usable job boards. Most are free while a few are sold as premium scripts. But each one comes with its own set of benefits & drawbacks which can help you determine the right job board for your needs.

    Job Board

    open source job board wordpress

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