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Last week, a post at WRD had announced the giveaway of 3 Monoslideshow licenses.

The winners of this amazing Flash image-video viewer has been selected and can be found at the bottom of the post.

To Remind:

Monoslideshow is a flexible XML-driven Flash image & video viewer for easily displaying media on any website with style.

It comes with 500+ options that makes the viewer to fit into every design & usage type.


The viewer handles large collections easily with the album-browsing support.

It can be controlled via JavaScript + AS3 APIs and has RSS support which makes it possible to create image slideshows from Flickr, etc.

The Winners:

The winners of this great application are:

  • Eric Peacock (comment #66084)
  • vedat (comment #65951)
  • @digitman (Twitter)

Congratulations to the winners & thanks to everyone for contributing.

Monoslideshow, a beautiful & customizable Flash image / video viewer, is giving away 3 licenses (€ 25 value/license) to WebResourcesDepot readers. Details on joining the giveaway can be found at the bottom of the post.

What is Monoslideshow?

It is a flexible XML-driven Flash image & video viewer to easily display them on your website with style.

Whether a professional portfolio or a simple image rotator, Monoslideshow can handle them all.

Flash Image - Video Viewer

With over 500 options like:

  • dimensions
  • custom fonts
  • enable/disable startup logo
  • background sounds per media

& 10+ professional effects, creating something unique is not difficult. Also, besides the XML file, various settings can be configured via the JavaScript & AS3 API.

The media presented in Monoslideshow can be categorized inside albums & quickly switched between with a "click" for faster browsing.

Another great feature is the RSS support which makes it possible to create image slideshows from Flickr, etc.

How To Win The Free Licenses?

You have 2 options to join the giveaway where you can do both of them to increase the chance of winning:

Winners will be selected randomly on 10 August 2009 (1 week later).

Good luck to all.

This is a free Flash image viewer with a magnifying glass created by the talented team at Flabell.

It is activated once the user hovers the image which makes it very functional specially for e-commerce websites presenting products.

It is possible to customize various variables from XML or HTML:

  • image path (image of any size)
  • the display area size
  • the lens size

Free Flash Magnifying Glass

P.S. Download requires free membership.

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  • dhtmlxScheduler is a free & Ajaxed event calendar script providing a scheduling solution similar to Microsoft Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar.

    It is possible to create new events with a double-click & created events can be drag’n dropped, resized (for updating the times), updated or deleted with ease, fully Ajaxed.

    Ajax Event Calendar

    The scheduler can present the calendar as day, week or month views & data can be loaded in XML or iCal formats.

    With the help of the detailed documentation, it is possible to use any server-side scripting language to make dhtmlxScheduler fit any application.

    Flabell is presenting another handy resource for creating Flash-XML based survey with multiple questions.

    An unlimited number of questions & a variable number of answers can be added by simply editing the XML file.

    When users select an answer, they can pass to the next question & all answers are stored inside the XML file for visualizing them later (not included within the code).

    Free Flash XML Survey

    P.S. Download requires a free membership.

    Flabell is presenting a free Flash-XML slideshow which can be customized with ease.

    Images presented are displayed with a blur effect & the color of the navigation bar can change on every image (using the colors of that image can be a good idea – set manually in the XML file).

    Free Flash XML Slideshow

    For every image, you can also define:

    • URLs, when they are clicked
    • target to be _blank or not
    • transparency of the navigation bar

    The slideshow comes with the source file (.FLA) & in order to download it, a free membership is required.

    XML Flash Voting Poll is a free component for creating nice looking Flash-based polls.

    It is built with AS3 & supports one active poll with an unlimited number of answers.

    Free Flash Poll

    Many variables can be controlled in the XML files like:

    • the question’s height, text, color, size
    • background colors used
    • distances between items
    • messages displayed after voting & more

    The download package includes images (.AI & .PDF) & fonts used.

    P.S. Free membership is required for downloading the component.

    This is a very flexible Flash full-text-search component that supports multiple images and texts.

    All aspects of it can be customized via XML files, including the images, texts, colors, sizes and more.

    Flash Full Text Search Component

    The component supports unlimited text / images & it can resize the height depending on the number of items.

    For skinning it, no Flash experience is needed as everything is done by updating the XML files (colors, speed of the effects, etc.).

    The download package comes with all the source code including FLA files, PSDs & fonts used.

    Flabell is presenting a beautiful & free Flash Mp3 player that can display multiple artists & playlists.

    Every aspect of the Mp3 player can be customized via XML including size, colors, speed and transition effects.

    Free Flash Mp3 Player With Playlist

    It streams the songs so there is no need to wait until the file is totally loaded. With a click, you can shuffle the songs.

    And, a great feature is the share/embedding support. If enabled via XML, anyone can easily embed the player to their websites.

    You can use the Flash Mp3 player directly on a website or integrate it to your Flash project by moving some ActionScript files and dragging the movieclip containing the Flash player in your Flash file.

    The player comes with the source code including .Fla files, fonts & PSDs.

    Dracon Ajax Poll is a free PHP-MySQL-Ajax poll script which is simply beautiful.

    The script is totally skinnable, has multi-language support & can also use XML as the data source rather than MySQL.

    Free Ajax Poll Script

    Once an option is voted, total votes are displayed with a charming effect.

    It records the IPs used in order to prevent repeated-votes as a security measure.

    Ajax Poll Admin

    At the backend, there is again a totally Ajaxed admin interface which is easy to use.

    It is possible to add unlimited polls & unlimited options to any poll, edit & delete them.

    P.S. The script is free once a backlink is kept.

    Uptime Robot