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Using JavaScript, it is possible to load HTML, XML or JSON data with XMLHttpRequest.

However cross-domain JavaScript requests (reaching remote pages) are not possible due to browser security limitations except JSONP-formatted JSON data.

Cross-Domain JavaScript

Simple PHP Proxy is a PHP script which aims to fill this gap by creating a layer between your JavaScript code and the remote domain to get data in HTML, XML or JSON formats.

Some features of Simple PHP Proxy:

  • requested URLs can be white-listed & validated against a regex.
  • optionally forward client cookies / SID to the remote server.
  • optionally forward configurable User Agent to the remote server.
  • requests can use either GET or POST request methods.
  • remote data can be delivered as-is with all remote headers intact.
  • remote data can be wrapped in a JSON/P structure that includes status codes & remote headers.
  • if using JSON/P & remote data is valid JSON, it will be merged into the resulting data object.

There is also a demo which you can request any URL.

When we hear about a Flash CMS, there is mostly a prejudice that it may not be that functional.

FlashMoto CMS is a totally different one which is quite impressive & really works for managing Flash-based websites.

With the help of a good-looking & easy-to-use interface, a website is controlled just like a standard CMS but with the extras that Flash offers.

FlashMoto Logo

What does it offer in a snapshot?

Using FlashMoto CMS, it is possible to:

  • add unlimited number of pages, update or delete them
  • manage your website menu (with sub-menus)
  • create image galleries & add-remove images to them
  • create forms
  • upload videos & music
  • insert shapes or other Flash files

The content is created using a WYSIWYG editor. There is a media library where you can upload images, video or SWF files & use them in any part of the website with a few clicks.

FlashMoto Admin Panel

It has a built-in gallery component for displaying a list of images and/or videos. This feature is specially useful for designers, photographers or anyone willing to present a portfolio.

Adding a standalone background music or embedding videos from popular services like Youtube, Vimeo is also a breeze.

Similar to HTML websites, websites created with FlashMoto CMS are indexable by search engines & every page has their own URLs + titles.

It also allows you to define the Google Analytics details & statistics of the website will be tracked (every page will tracked even it is a Flash website).

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jParse is a jQuery plugin for parsing XML that was fetched with the jQuery .ajax method.

It can select the value of any XML node or a node's parameter & can ouput a totally customized HTML.

jQuery XML Parse

The plugin is very flexible & offers features like:

  • running callback functions before it starts & after it finishes
  • limitting the number of <items> to be processed
  • excluding XML nodes with certain words, numbers or symbols
  • output the number of <item>'s in a feed anywhere in your document

As jQuery .ajax method does not allow cross domain Ajax requests, the XML must be on the same domain.

To see how easy it is to parse a XML file with jParse, check the demo.

ColorSuckr is a free online service which can extract colors from an image & generate color schemes.

It can be used in 3 ways:

  • by mentioning the URL of the image
  • via a bookmarklet
  • or a Firefox add-on

ColorSuckr: Color Schemes From Photos

Once the color schemes are ready, they can be downloaded as Adobe Swatch (.ASE) files or more schemes can be listed from COLOURlovers for any selected color.

ColorSuckr also offers the results in RSS, JSON & XML formats which makes an integration with any application possible.

XML Banner Rotator is a free Flash component to display rotating images with style.

It is highly customizable via a XML file & comes with 35+ options including the masking size and speed.

Flash XML Banner Rotator

The position of the elements on the screen, number of images & colors can all be controlled.

Besides any HTML page, XML Banner Rotator can be inserted into any FLA file too.

P.S. Download requires free membership.