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Enlight (English version exists) is an open source framework, based on Zend and Symphony 2, for creating e-commerce applications easier and faster.

It is built by the experienced e-commerce company Shopware and also powers the base behind their commercial product.

The framework has lots of components that can bring any type of apps to life including: database connection, authentication, form handling, datagrid, navigation, e-mail delivery and more.

Enlight E-Commerce Framework

Besides the frontend, a base with similar features exist for the backend where both parts can be improved with the help of a plugin system (a bootstrap file is provided for creating new plugins).

Enlight is not a direct competitor to any ready-to-use e-commerce system but a starting point for anyone looking to develop custom ones.

Pimcore is a feature-rich and robust PHP content management system, that is built with Zend Framework, for creating and managing digital content + assets.

The interface is powered with ExtJS and almost all editing is done via drag 'n' drops.

It is possible to work on multiple documents at the same time with the help of the multi-tabbed usage.


Pimcore is also a product information management framework (PIM) which means true multi-channel publishing and integration into ecommerce systems like Magento and OXID eSales.

The application is powerful on controlling digital assets as well. It can be integrated to the desktop using WebDAV or to the 3rd party systems via web services.

For images, it can analyze them automatically (EXIF data), create thumbnails and enable you to edit them (rotate, crop, etc.).

If the assets are documents, it offers web-previews using a Scribd account. And a similar preview works for videos using Youtube.

Pimcore has many other advanced features like versioning, built-in caching, permission-based user management, multilingual interface and much more.

As the number of cloud storage services increases & projects may require using multiple services at the same time, it becomes complicated for a developer to learn the details of each provider.

Simple Cloud API is an open source project that aims to create a common PHP interface for using cloud services.

Simple Cloud API

It currently supports the storage API for:

  • Amazon S3
  • Windows Azure Blob Storage
  • Nirvanix
  • Local

and, in the near future, aims to support Rackspace Cloud Files, GoGrid Cloud Storage besides the queue & document APIs of all services.

The project is backed by Zend & supported by IBM, Microsoft, Rackspace, Nirvanix, and GoGrid.

Dodo is a free to-do list application, built on top of Zend Framework, & comes in two versions:

  • hosted (free)
  • full source code

It is a multi-user application where anyone can register, then use it & provides an almost completely Ajaxed interface.

Free To-Do List Application

Dodo doesn’t offer anything complicated, just creating lists & tasks under them. Once a task is completed, it can be marked as "done".

The application has both public & admin interfaces. Also, it provides an API for easier integration with 3rd party applications.

Besides being a handy application to install & use, it is a resource for Zend developers with development steps shared in detail on its blog.