Tag: Zend

Open Source PHP E-Commerce Framework: Enlight

Enlight (English version exists) is an open source framework, based on Zend and Symphony 2, for creating e-commerce applications easier and faster. It is built by the experienced e-commerce company Shopware and also powers the base behind their commercial product. The framework has lots of components that can bring ...


Pimcore: Opensource & Zend+ExtJS Powered CMS

Pimcore is a feature-rich and robust PHP content management system, that is built with Zend Framework, for creating and managing digital content + assets. The interface is powered with ExtJS and almost all editing is done via drag 'n' drops. It is possible to work on multiple documents at the same time with ...


A PHP Interface For Cloud Services: Simple Cloud API

As the number of cloud storage services increases & projects may require using multiple services at the same time, it becomes complicated for a developer to learn the details of each provider. Simple Cloud API is an open source project that aims to create a common PHP interface for using cloud services. It ...


Free And Open Source To-Do List App: Dodo

Dodo is a free to-do list application, built on top of Zend Framework, & comes in two versions: hosted (free) full source code It is a multi-user application where anyone can register, then use it & provides an almost completely Ajaxed interface. Dodo doesn't offer anything complicated, just ...