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Flot is a jQuery plugin for easily creating good-looking and interactive charts.

The library uses HTML5 canvas for drawing, JSON as the data source and can render a data array with 1000s of items.

It is not limited to any chart type and the community has already expanded it with multiple types (bar, line, pie, gantt, etc.) and features.

Flot jQuery Chart Library

There is support for zooming into any selected part and charts generated can respond to events.

Flot is very well-documented, has a powerful API and an active community

P.S. The library has been around since 2 years but somehow it was not already shared and thought it should be in WRD so that you get another great charting option when needed.

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  • elevateZoom is a highly-customizable jQuery plugin for creating image-zoom interfaces with ease.

    It can work with a single high-quality image or two images (a thumb and a high-quality version).

    The zoom window can be placed on any part of the page (or image) and there is also an option for inline-zooming which saves space.

    elevateZoom - jQuery Image Zoom

    For inline-zooming, it is possible to use a lens image that shows the zoomed part inside.

    And, usually for displaying products, there is a gallery mode which can present multiple images with zoom functionality.

    elevateZoom has many options for setting fadeIn/fadeOut, easing, opacity, borders and much more.

    Magnifying glass interfaces are pretty useful for enabling users to zoom in to images so that details can be viewed without loading a bigger version.

    mlens, a tiny jQuery plugin (~1kb minified and gzipped), simplifies creating this magnifying glass functionality so much.

    mlens jQuery zoom plugin

    It comes with few parameters like the shape of the lens (circle or square), lens size and the options for customizing the border.

    Multiple instances of it can be used in the same page and a WordPress plugin for it is being developed.

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  • You'll remember Deep Zoom, a format which lets you explore an image easily no matter what size it is. is a free service by Microsoft which enables us to view and share high-resolution imagery using the Deep Zoom.

    It can be used by simply pasting the URL of the image to the form on the website or via the API provided.

    The service returns a shortened URL of the zoomable image for sharing easily and embed link for inserting into web pages.

    PixelZoomer is a very handy Firefox extension for web developers which can replace the step of taking screenshots of a web page and pasting it into an image editing software for making pixel-perfect measurements.

    Once it is activated (clicking an icon at the bottom of Firefox), a custom window with the web page screenshot is loaded.


    Inside this window, you can zoom in/out, select specific areas to see their width/height and pick the color of a pixel.

    The extension has an option to grab the screenshots using Java runtime (more accurate) or Canvas (faster).