TestSwarm: Continious & Distributed JS Testing


TestSwarm is an open source project by Mozilla Labs (and created by John Resig) which aims to simplify the complicated & time-consuming process of running JavaScript test suites in multiple browsers.

It offers a continious & distributed testing environment that can be used by multiple users running the tests in various browsers with a "set-and-forget" logic.


How It Works?

  • With the help of several JS functions that are needed to be included inside the applications to be tested,
  • TestSwarm sends the "test jobs" to a centralized server via PHP (data is kept in a MySQL db.).
  • Clients who are connected to the TestSwarm interface automatically queries the server every 30 seconds & completes the incompleted jobs in an iframe.
  • The results of the tests can be viewed "live" in a test results report page.

TestSwarm comes with support for the following test frameworks built in (with more to come): QUnit (jQuery), UnitTestJS (Prototype), JSSpec (MooTools), JSUnit, Selenium, and Dojo Objective Harness.

P.S. The project is currently in alpha stage & can have some bugs.