Timing & Loops Made Easier: jQuery-Timing

jQuery-Timing is a plugin for the framework that simplifies and improves the usage of timing-related events + loops.

Using the jQuery's chain syntax, it is possible to wait for events/animations to be completed, define timeouts and run sequential or parallel loops.

These are already possible but require the usage of callbacks that end up in longer lines of code. jQuery-Timing solves all in the same line (chain).

jQuery Timing

Rather than using setTimeout, it has a .wait() function (offers more than jQuery's .delay) that can wait for an event and a trigger function besides a defined period of time.

And, there is .repeat() ... .until() which eases creating loops of any events again in the same chain.

The plugin is documented so well, has lots of examples and every feature/function is explained in detail.

  • sk

    nice work. I love this plugin!!

    that parallel each-loop rocks:

    it’s so damn short 🙂