Open Source Tools and Plugins for Website Polls

In the past I have spent days constructing my own polls with JavaScript and PHP. It takes a lot of time developing the database and internal functions without any reference guide. But thankfully we have access to a number of free services dedicated to website polls and surveys.

This gallery includes 15 free plugins, scripts, and externally-hosted services for generating user polls. Almost every major CMS engine has a poll plugin which can save you hours of time reinventing the wheel. Take a peek at the examples below and let us know your thoughts in the comments area below.


lime survey polls free resources website


encuestame social survey cms open source


poll code simple online website resource


brolmo online free website applications poll survey


pollymer github ajax javascriot polling library


surveyor rails gem github code survey questionnaire quiz open source

Django Survey

django survey open source script github

Simply Poll

simply poll open source wordpress free plugin

Bootstrap 3 PHP Survey

bs3 bootstrap php survey open source github project

SodaHead Polls

wordpress sodahead polls plugin free open source wp

WP Polls

wp polls wordpress open source plugin

WordPress Simple Survey

simple survey wordpress open source plugin free

Drupal Ajax Poll

drupal extension cms open source polling survey


asp net dotnet microsoft netpolls free

Dynamic Poll with jQuery and PHP

creating tutorial howto php survey poll jquery webdev