Train Simple’s Web Design-Related Tutorials (Heavily Discounted By MightyDeals)

There are self-learners and others that find it easier to learn from another.

Although neither is better and “which one is easier/better for you” is the most important, learning the tricks -at least- from experts make so much sense.

For anyone willing to improve their web/graphic design-related skills, MightyDeals is offering a huge discount (50%) for the “Certified Adobe Training system: Train Simple“.

Train Simple Discount

Train Simple has 3000+ video tutorials on technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript or WordPress and programs in this field (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator..).

The deal includes a year of membership for $47/year (rather than $99) and there are also mobile apps for iOS/Android to watch them on the go.

P.S. Train Simple also provides certification once a specific track is followed through their system and they are trusted by companies like Zappos, Google, Nike and much more.