Tutorials and Plugins for Website Preloading Screens

Dynamic websites often utilize preloading screens to guarantee that all resources are loaded before the page fully renders in the browser. Preloading screens date back to old Flash websites but have made their way into HTML for resource-heavy layouts.

These tutorials and plugins offer a pool of knowledge for crafting your own preloading screens. The technique requires JavaScript to track HTTP requests and hide the loading screen once all the resources have completed. You won’t find this technique useful on every website but it does come in handy on large dynamic websites.

Codrops Preloading

codrops preloading screen tutorial open source

Custom Loader Animation

circle loading screen page howto tutorial

Apple Splash Screen

apple style animated splash screen tutorial

jQuery Loading Icon

jquery preloading page icon animated


simple jquery preloader plugin preload me


jpreloader jquery preloader plugin screen

Display Loading Image

howto tutorial display loading gif image

Circular Loader

open source codepen freebie circular load

Website Loading Image

preloader website image loading howto tutorial

jQuery Loading

stackoverflow code snippet howto load preloader jquery


loadie js jquery load bar open source


javascript preloader pxloader open source plugin