Free & Unique Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

Many hand-trained illustrators will design their own brushes from scratch and release them on the web. Freebies are great because they help new designers learn the basics without needing to start from scratch. Adobe Illustrator can be somewhat confusing at first – yet through practice the interface gets clearer and easier to use.

I’ve compiled a nice collection of free Adobe Illustrator brushes for any graphics designer. You can build print work, scalable vectors, even website graphics with these brush sets. If you need a quick recap on Illustrator try searching for brush tutorials in Google. I would encourage anyone who enjoys vector design to test a couple brushes that might look cool in future projects.

Doodle Patterns

doodle border patterns brushes

Wedge Brushes

illustrator wedge brushes set

Paper Tooth Line

paper tooth line brushes set

57 Multi-Colored Paint Brushes

illustrator paint brushes multicolor freebie

27 High-Quality Paintbrushes

colorburned paint brush styles illustrator

33 More Paintbrushes

more paint brushes illustrator freebies

Argyle Brushes

vector illustrator argyle brush set freebie

Retro-Tech Shapes

retro tech spaed brushes freebie

Marker Pen Strokes

marker pen strokes brushes illustrator

Free Paint Brushes

free adobe illustrator dribbble paint brushes

Dribbble Freebie

bright vector brushes freebie dribbble download

Wireframing Brush Set

wireframing brush set freebie ui mockup


flourish illustrator brush set design

Black and White Smoke

illustrator smoke brushes vector set

Big Brush Set #1

deviantart illustrator brush set crazy patterns

Big Brush Set #2

big brush set vol2 patterns

Big Brush Set #3

big illustrator brush set vol3 freebie deviantart

Lineart Brush

lineart brush set drawing freebie download

Chalk Set

deviantart chalk set freebie illustrator brush

Grunge Brush Set

freebie grunge brushes set artwork

Yanagi no Illustrator Brushes

yanagi illustrator brushes set pack

Wide Snowflake Set

big wide snowflakes set brushes

Starwalt Design Vol1

starwalt design brushes set freebie

Starwalt Design Vol2

starwalt design brushes volume 2 freebie

Paisley Brushes

paisley illustrator vector brushes set

Swirly Brush Set

swirly brush set vectors freebie


odd gecko creature brushes illustrator vectors

Snowflakes Brush Set

snowflakes freebie download brushes set

String of Pearls

string of pearls vector brushes pattern

Diamond Necklace

diamond necklace brush set freebie pattern

Feather Brushes

bright feather brushes vectors patterns set

The Hairbrush Kit

hairbrush hairs vector brush freebie download

Swirly Brushes

custom swirly brushes freebie download illustrator

Willow Set

freebie willow brush set download pack

Vector Marker Brushes

35 vector brushes marker freebie set pack