Uptime Robot Gets Keyword Checking & RSS Alerts

Uptime Robot LogoUptime Robot, a free website uptime monitor service, that was built by me & Daniel Rimille of SSLmatic few weeks ago has some fresh features.

But before that, thanks very much to everyone who supports the service by using it, sending us suggestions, tweeting, etc.

Uptime Robot has added 2 new features today:

  • keyword checking
  • uptime alerts via RSS

which will enable you to monitor your websites in a more flexible way.

Uptime Robot

Keyword Checking

Now you can set Uptime Robot to check if your website contains (or doesn't contain) a keyword you define.

It is possible to find many creative uses of this feature like:

  • finding out if there is a database connection problem (set the keyword that your website displays when a db problem occurs)
  • detect if a module of your website word or not by setting a keyword from that module (like the calendar in a webpage)
  • & much more..

RSS Alerts

Well, RSS alerts is nothing creative. The service instantly updates your special feed when there is an alert.

But, it is now possible build desktop notifiers & more using these feed URLs.

P.S. Announcing every new feature from WRD is definitely not the plan. However, it can be a good idea to share milestones considering most WRD readers are already users of Uptime Robot.