Web 2.0 Badges Collection

Badges are the popular design elements of the Web 2.0 look.

Below, there are many Web 2.0 looking badges which can be used in banners & other graphic works.

This vector glossy badge set includes 21 different colors:
Web 2.0 Badges
Package includes AI, EPS, and SVG format.

This set includes 9 different colored and shaped Web 2.0 looking badges:
Web 2.0 Badges
Package includes PSD and PNG format.

This is a 7 piece Web 2.0 badge package:
Web 2.0 Badges
Package includes EPS format.

4 piece web badges set:
Web 2.0 Badges
Package includes PSD format.

This is a sunny badge set with very nice gradient usage.
Web 2.0 Badges
Package includes PSD and PNG format.