Web Debugging Tool For iOS Simulator: iWebInspector

If you are developing mobile web applications, you already experienced the difficulty of debugging them.

iWebInspector is a free tool for debugging, profiling and inspecting web applications that run on iOS Simulator (iPhone or iPad).


The tool simply attaches the Web Inspector to any tab opened in Safari for iOS, to a chrome-less web app (full screen) or to a PhoneGap application.

It enables us to:

  • see and browse every element on your HTML element. You can change attributes, content and styles and see how they apply on Safari
  • see all the resources involved in this page, including Databases, Local Storage, Cookies and ApplicationCache
  • check all the network traffic on your website
  • see all your scripts, create breakpoints, watches and debug your JavaScript code.
  • record a timeline showing you rendering, scripting and loading times while you browse on Safari
  • profile your JavaScript code
  • audit your code, showing you a report on performance and other stuff
  • see and use the JavaScript console

Simply, a great addition for mobile developers.