Be: Why Web Designers Need to Focus on Value for Money

At some point as a web design freelancer, you want to move to a higher level, take on more challenging assignments, and make more money. The problem is, you may not know how to proceed.

The solution:  Make the transition from freelancer to entrepreneur. This requires taking on additional work and personal responsibilities; learning how market your skills and yourself, and becoming a business.

The best way to go about this, is to apply the value for money principle in everything you do.

Do you fully understand your work costs? If you’re a Be Theme pre-built websites user, you already know how to save precious time, beat deadlines, and deliver superior websites; simply because you’ve made a wise business investment.


                        Passion made you a freelancer. Next step, business thinking.

This why applying the “value for money” principle is essential. You want to spend the freelancing resources you’ve developed judiciously. Take each of your work processes, and identify the value vs. resources spent. Then, it becomes easier to show clients why your effort was more than worth their money.

As you learn to use your resources more judiciously and efficiently, it becomes much easier to go the extra mile for your client.


What Values Do Your Tools Have?

Is your WordPress theme of choice doing its part in helping you provide value for money for your clients?

  • Am I spending excessive time installing and customizing my theme? Or, is it smooth and straightforward?


This prebuilt website, destined to a younger audience, can be customized in no time.

  • Which features help me most in my work?
  • When I use this tool, am I spending my resources effectively?

Be Theme is one of the most popular themes on the market. It’s extremely easy to use; it gives you 220+ WordPress pre-built websites to work with, no coding is required, and it offers tremendous support and value for your money.


This eBook pre-built website can quickly be transformed into a crisp presentation website for any e-book category.

Be is an excellent example of a product that provides value for money.

  • Its pre-built websites have quality designs embedded in them. Simply pick one that matches your client’s industry, and customize it as your vision dictates. It’s a time saver.
  • Forget wireframes and mockups. Show your client’s editable layouts instead. They’ll love you for it.


                        This new pre-built website is for a minimalist herbal shop.

  • There’s a wealth of pre-built website categories to choose from: business and entertainment, to lifestyle and sports, to one page and creative; and everything in between. It’s simply a matter incorporating your client’s brand and content.


What do other web designers say about pre-built websites?

Best multi-site theme I’ve ever seen, you can create a whole network within one WordPress theme, multi-layouts and page styles make this theme perfect for websites with more than one theme eg: media/ professional/ person all-in-one.” – Nezzmedia

One of the most robust and amazing themes I’ve ever worked with. I could use this for almost any client with the endless possibilities!” – ncfan2030


Are Your Certain Your Products Have Value for Money?

To be able to answer this question affirmatively, you must have excellent communications with your clients; and you must understand their work needs.

  • Are your clients pleased with the solutions you provide?
  • Are they especially pleased because you can provide innovative solutions?
  • Do your clients rate your work as good enough, very good, or “best I’ve seen”?


  Delivering superior projects for clients requires skill, experience, and good communication.

  • Are previous clients asking for additional work? Are they referring you to others? A returning client is a sign that business is good.
  • Does your work convince your client’s that you fully understand their specs, from day one?

Your answers should tell you if all is as it should be, or if there are some areas in which you need to start improving.


            Sometimes freelancers need to work harder; usually, they need to work smarter.

When you see areas where improvements are called for, it’s time to set a specific objective.

Do some research in the areas where you could use some help. Learn new rules, or the latest trends or standards; or just do a better job of listening to your clients. Whatever needs fixing, keep value for money in mind.


To Give Your Clients Value for Money, Are You Working on Creating It for Yourself

If you work at producing more value for money for yourself, your clients will benefit. As a freelancer, your investments are the time and money you put into your work. You want to see these investments pay off. If you look at your investments and resources individually in terms of value for money; and if you’ve had a profitable month; you’ll begin to understand why that happened, and what is required of you to do even better.

In the freelance business, it’s a matter of paying attention. You are making improvements in this or that, and you can see positive results over time. Unless you are paying attention however, you may not understand whether “this” was a main contributor, or “that” was. As an entrepreneur, you will understand what caused you to do better, because it’s your business to know.


            It’s not always about enjoying beautiful experiences, but the way you enjoy them.

Paying attention to what you gain or how you improve on a personal level is also important.

You have multiple talents, and multiple resources that provide value for money.  In other words, they provide more in value than their financial costs. The key, is to understand how value for money influences the different areas of your work life; and of your personal life.


Take-away Ideas

When you try to see how your work impacts others by using value for money as your test criteria, you’ll begin to see the influence your work habits have on your clients in an entirely different light.

The products you use must do more than provide some value for money. They should provide an abundance of value for money. An excellent example of such a product is Be Theme, with its easy to use features, and its 220+ pre-built websites.


            This product, combined with your skills; will tell quite a tale. 49,000 designers love it.

Your goal? Become a human resource that clients will turn to when they want real value. All of this is doable. With Be Theme; it’s extremely doable.