WebMatrix 2 – Microsoft’s Web Development Tool Gets Much Better

Around 2 years ago, Microsoft had announced the first version of WebMatrix and it was shared at WRD.

Lately, they have made the release-candidate of WebMatrix 2 available and it has become an exciting product for many.

The tool now has support for the most recent web-dev technologies including HTML5-CSS3, Node.js or jQuery Mobile.

WebMatrix 2

It has a one-click installer for many popular apps including WordPress, Joomla, DotNetNuke and more. Also it can instantly install IIS, MSSQL, MySQL, PHP, Python and many others.

There is built-in support for Windows Azure cloud and the project scan be pushed to the remote environment to any FTP address or to the Azure.

Although WebMatrix 2 is a Microsoft product, it is well-integrated with PHP, any PHP functions hovered bring the docs from PHP.net and there is code completion.

Users can share extensions written for the platform and there are already good ones like iPhone/iPad simulator or a color theme manager.