WIODE – Open Source, Plain & Web-Based IDE

WIODE is an open source and web-based IDE application which focuses on simplicity and expandability.

It is built with PHP-MySQL and has an interface that will feel familiar to anyone working with desktop IDEs.

The application is very easy to work with; it can manage multiple projects, a file-tree helps browsing files-folders where double-clicking an item is displayed in a new tab (multiple tabs, yay!).


Right-clicking on files/folders (context menu) brings options like "create copy, rename, delete or "FTP upload".

For the opened files, there are features like syntax highlighting, line numbering, auto-indenting, saving and previewing.

Also, a "system" menu displays the lists of projects, number of files in each and presents options like taking backups or archiving them.

WIODE is a multi-user application where users can work at the same time without overwriting each other's files.