Wix Launches HTML5 Website Builder (3 Annual Accounts Giveaway)

Wix LogoWix, the widely-used online website builder which is known with its Flash-based platform, has launched a HTML5 version.

The new website builder is now compatible with the majority of browsers, works on mobile too and loads much faster.

It is a well-designed/planned product where a basic computer user can't go wrong with anything and a designer feels the flexibility it provides.

Wix HTML5 Site Builder - Settings

There are 50+ ready-to-use templates (with multiple color palettes each) to choose from where you can use them as a base or build a website from scratch.

The websites are created/updated while browsing. You can select any element, edit them or add new items like content, images, videos.. anything.

Wix's HTML5 platform is completely drag 'n' drop enabled where you can move elements easily or copy/cut-paste them using the keyboard to work faster.

Wix HTML5 Site Builder - Color palette

It allows creating new pages and adding components like a gallery, social widgets, good-looking buttons, contact forms, maps, Flickr gallery and much more.

Although things are very straightforward, the steps and menus are pretty guiding and you never get lost or confused.

Creating a website with Wix is free and premium features (like using a custom domain or analytics support) requires a premium account.

How to join the giveaway?

Wix is giving away 3 annual "Combo" planned account upgrades ($99/year value) to WRD readers.

If you want to create HTML Websites throughout the piece, join the giveaway you can choose one of the methods below or do both to increase your chances:

Winners will be selected randomly on 3 April 2012 (1 week later). Good luck to all.

The winners

Here are the winners:

  • @zwitserland
  • Soku Massimo (comment #549310)
  • Ana María Catillo (comment #546208)

Congratulations and thanks to everyone for joining.

  • Matthias

    give that a try

  • Onur Yasar

    Yay! I want one :)

  • http://www.alfystudio.com Ahmad Alfy

    I’ve seen a lot of Wix ads on Google ads recently and I was excited about how elegant the ad is. I didn’t have the time to check what is Wix doing but now I know. I WANT IN 😀

  • Frank

    I want that sh***

  • Mukhadie

    I hope I can win this contest :)

  • Roberto

    love it

  • Duarte Nunes

    Go Wix Go!

  • http://www.mwilber.com Matt

    This is an interesting alternative to squarespace. Pricing is dead on and most of these templates are really nice.

  • http://www.creativemanner.com ozgur coruhlu

    can I have one too

  • http://songsonline.tk/ saurabh khirwal
  • http://www.benchild.co.uk Ben

    Looks good, I’m going to check it out.

    Does anyone know if it’s purely ‘darg and drop’ or can the raw HTML / CSS be edited in a standard ‘code’ view, too?

    Also, what about backward compatibility? Will the sites work in older borwsers such as IE 7 or 8?

  • luis alberto hernandez

    Please I want one :)

  • Jeff

    Yes Please!

  • kinda

    oh beautiful!

  • Ana María Catillo

    wowwww… this tool is very nice!!

  • Coffep

    NICEEEEE !! lucky

  • tuladhar
  • eson

    i want one

  • kelly

    Awesome features and time saving too. Hope I get one.

  • http://www.shaunjanssens.be Shaun Janssens

    Yes! I want that account!

  • Rob Iver

    This looks REALLY slick. It would be awesome to win one of those account upgrades! 😉

  • http://www.steamed-design.com Matt Corich

    Count me in :-)

  • Peter

    awesome! I would one a premium account

  • der_robert

    I want an account!

  • Alex

    Should come in handy, I want to move my project to HTML5.

  • http://www.playbox.co.il David Owen

    please please. i really need this

  • ganjar

    Great feature! It’s already in my wishlist…

  • http://www.chucklasker.com Chuck Lasker

    I’ve avoided WIX because I’m not fond of Flash. I’d love to try it with the new system.

  • http://www.world-click.com dotcompals

    I am in. My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud.

  • http://www.wix.com/avriliza/iejaphotography Ieja Mohamed Saleh

    Definitely want an upgrade account, pick me up! 😉

  • Waqas

    Please count me in.

  • http://www.mahendravikhar.co.cc Mahendra Vikhar

    I also want :)

  • http://www.leonardmathias.com Matt

    Yeah it will be great!

  • David Foster

    Yes please!

  • http://www.jeansgal.com Riting LIU

    Count me in. Thanks.

  • http://www.chocochipz.com Heru Hermawan
  • M.

    Count me in. Thx

  • Alejandro

    I love Wix!, I want one!

  • http://www.fairfax-burkeSC.org Walter Kirsch

    Great tool. The editing page is simple, intuitive, and powerful.

    It’s not clear to me what “publish” means, since I don’t have a domain name for my budding WIX site. Do you provide internal/pre-publish addresses?

  • http://karizmedia.com Karizmedia

    The Niceness is here. :> Good luck to all.

  • Cid

    Cool I want in!

  • Jaiden

    Wix is amazing, their new html5 editor rocks…

    GO WIX

  • Etrimon

    I would like to win this too :-)

  • http://www.toredesign.com Oppositethink

    Amazing 😀

  • Rogier
  • Mike

    I’ve been looking for something that’s ‘idiot-proof’ (i.e. me!) – and this looks like the business!

    I’d love a combo account so count me in!

  • Dan Reema

    Nice. Hope I win!

  • Alberto

    Great !!!..

  • http://www.taemediapro.com/ Christian

    I want to win! Looks great!!!

  • S. Tuy

    Could not hurt to enter. :3c

  • http://www.photographybyardean.com Ardean

    I currently have a Wix flash site and would LOVE an HTML5 site!!! *crossing fingers*

  • Amy

    I’m definitely in, love WIX!!

  • http://www.wix.com/trucoverage/home Brandon Trujillo

    I am an insurance agent who uses @wix for his business. My webpage is http://www.wix.com/trucoverage/home
    I just switched from flash to html5.

  • Soku Massimo

    I am so excited about the new features that wix has to offer now. It really means a lot for the business I am tring to build. Winning this would mean so much for my future & freedom of creativity it will give new moving forward.



  • Jonathan Hindi

    I wanna win :), Great Idea Wix

  • Christine

    Pick me! I need a new website!

  • http://www.thietkeweblogo.com Steven

    Wix is the beautiful sitebuilder tool. You should try! It will so excited

  • Matin0171

    WIX is no.1

  • Benoît

    Good news ! I want !

  • http://www.wpcypher.com/ Sumon @ WP Cypher

    Hope to win…