WordPress QuickAdmin Plugin By WRD

WebResourcesDepot is more a place for fresh web design-development resources & generally don’t share resources about WordPress (although it is a great app.). But, this was something I needed to manage WRD easier, created it & would like to share.

For WordPress users who switch between frontend to admin frequently for:

  • fixing a typo after seeing it in a post
  • finding out if there are any new comments
  • browsing most used menus like "Write New", Manage-Posts/Drafts"

this fresh WP-QuickAdmin plugin will be very handy.

Wordpress Quick Admin Plugin

With a hotkey (default is CTRL+q), a modal box is displayed which includes links to the popular admin menus.

If you’re inside a post, then it displays a link for "editing that post" & "unapproved comments of that post".

The modal box is called with an Ajax request which helps showing the latest count of comments every time the WP QuickAdmin is called (no need to refresh the page).

If an user who is not an administrator calls the QuickAdmin, then an "unauthorized" message is displayed.


  • Important: Make sure the footer.php file of the theme you use ("wp-contents/themes/your theme/footer.php") has the <?php wp_footer(); ?> info. If not you should add it manually.
    • What is wp_footer()?: It is a function used by many plugins for inserting data to a theme before the </body> tag.


  • Tested with WordPress 2.6.2 & 2.7 (previous versions: unknown).


  • QuickAdmin is only displayed to site administrators.
  • There is only 1 variable used, it is escaped, sanitized & handled only if the user is an administrator.
  • The 2 steps mentioned make it very secure : ).


  • Updates to the plugin will be mentioned in this post & via Twitter (follow WRD at Twitter to get more resources too!).
  • I will be adding QuickAdmin to the WordPress.org’s plugin repository too.


  • Unzip the download files & a wp-quickadmin folder will be created
  • Install this folder & all its contents to your WordPress "wp-content>plugins" folder
  • Enable the WP-QuickAdmin plugin from the WordPress>admin>plugins menu
  • If any cache plugins like WP-Cache or WP-Super-Cache is enabled, then the caches must be re-created from the plugin’s settings (so the div tags of the QuickAdmin can be inserted to the theme).


  • Press "Ctrl + q" to call the QuickAdmin from the frontend of your WordPress website.

Thanks to

Wordpress Quick Admin PluginP.S. I’m not a PHP or a WordPress expert. But, it is very impressive to see that creating anything for WordPress is almost as easy as using it.

Please share any bugs you face (there can be some) in the comments & I’ll be fixing them as soon as possible.