WordPress Tutorials for Advanced Development Techniques

Anyone who is familiar using WordPress should know it’s one of the most popular CMS engines to date. Learning the basics of theme development can be exciting and even quite fun. But with time even the brightest developers can hit a wall trying to learn everything. WordPress is a tremendous library and requires a lot of time to master.

Once you understand the the basics of WP development everything gets a whole lot more interesting. You can start to build very complex plugins, functions, interface features, and customizations for the backend admin panel. Check out these great tutorials which focus on more advanced WordPress topics for web developers.

Better WP APIs and Libraries

writing wordpress apis and libraries

Object-Oriented WordPress

object oriented programming oop wordpress

Featured Image for Categories

create featured image for category

Upcoming Events Plugin

upcoming events wordpress plugin howto

Validate a WordPress Website

effectively validate wp website howto

Organizing Post Formats

wordpress tips tricks post formats article

Taxonomy Archives

taxonomy archives list post types

FAQ System in WordPress

faq howto wordpress custom post types

Theming WooCommerce for WordPress

theme woocommerce for wordpress article

Quality WordPress Theme Development

how to code quality wordpress themes

WordPress Initialization Hooks

wp wordpress initialize hooks article

Proper JavaScript Usage

guide to using javascript in wordpress

PHP Data into JavaScript

pass php variables into javascript in wordpress

Password Strength Meter

password strength meter script wordpress

List Posts with Multiple Parameters

shortcode list posts howto wordpress

Classes and IDs Generated by WordPress

css classes IDs generated by wordpress howto

Redirect Users to Custom Pages

redirect users to custom pages roles wp

WP Retina Support

wordpress theme with retina support

Custom Admin Login Form

wordpress admin custom login screen howto

Modern WordPress Workflow

modern professional wordpress workflow article