10+ Free HTML5-CSS3 Website Templates (To Start Designing For Tomorrow)

We are pretty bored with the current limits of the HTML-CSS and it is clear that the HTML5-CSS3 is the cure to let the creativity flow.

And, browser compatibility is no more a big issue as there are various resources like Modernizr, ExplorerCanvas or IE7.js that empower incompatible browsers.

If you didn't already, it is a good idea to warm your hands on HTML5 and CSS3 as they offer so much.

Here are 10+ free HTML5-CSS3 website templates to help you get inspired and started:

HTML5 Starter Pack

HTML5 Starter Pack

HTML5 Starter Kit is an impressive template that doesn't force you to build a specific type of website but shape it how you want.

This free HTML5 template is cross-browser (including IE6), tablet/netbook ready, can instantly use Cufón and includes some structural/re-usable classes.

And, it includes the layout as a .PSD file.

Gotta’ love HTML5 & CSS3

HTML5-CSS3 Image Gallery Template

An image gallery layout with HTML5-CSS3 which includes:

  • animated transitions, like a hover animated description for the images, using only CSS
  • a tabbed interface for different galleries using CSS3’s :target element

A Free HTML5 and CSS3 Theme

HTML5 - CSS3 Theme

The template has a working sub-page and a contact form which has a server-side validation and send-mail code (PHP).

It uses 960.gs and has a custom font named Chunkfive that makes use of @font-face.

Coding A HTML 5 Layout From Scratch

Smashing HTML5

The template is a showcase for most of the new elements header, footer, section and so.

hCard microfortmat is used as well to define the creator of the template.

In means of CSS3, there is the popular text-shadow and others like last-child or selection.



52framework is a complete tool to help you start building with HTML5 and CSS3 with the use of new tags, input fields, rounded-corner, text-shadows, etc.

It includes a grid system and CSS reset (that is modified for HTML5).

iPhone App. Website With HTML5

HTML5 iPhone App Website Template

A very detailed tutorial on creating an iPhone application website using CSS3 and HTML5.

The template uses new tags like section, aside, header and footer.

Create An Elegant Website With HTML 5 And CSS3

HTML5-CSS3 Website Template

This is a tutorial on creating a slick webpage with HTML5-CSS3 and shares the result as a free download.

Many new elements are used and Modernizr is integrated for IE compatibility.

Free HTML5 Template

3 Column HTML5 Template

A HTML layout that comes in 2-column and 3-column versions.

It also includes the .PSD file of the layout.

HTML5 & CSS3 One-Page Template

XHTML-CSS3 One Page Template

A one-page-template that uses jQuery for sliding the content for displaying the specified links.

There is also an optional HTML version provided.

OWMX 1 HTML5-CSS3 Template

OWMX 1 HTML5 CSS3 Template

A 2-column blog layout that uses many new HTML5 tags and CSS3 techniques.

It also uses the hCalendar microformat.

FlipThru HTML5 and CSS3 Template

CSS3 Accordion Template

The template is a pretty simple one using the HTML5-CSS3 features.

However, it has a pretty-slick accordion that only makes use of CSS3.

HTML5-CSS3 Starting Template

HTML5-CSS3 Starter Template

This starter template offers a complete structure for a HTML5 website that will be built with PHP.

It includes CSS styles for the layout, typography, print and reset.

There are already PHP includes for functions, header, footer, etc.

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