10 Free Screen Recording Softwares For Creating Attractive Screencasts

CameraWhether it is a "how-to on using a web application" or "describing the steps of creating a Photoshop effect", words are sometimes not enough.

With the help of screencasts (screen recording), it can be possible to better describe/demonstrate a computer-related product or service. And, it spreads faster as anyone can easily embed the video (if supported) to any website.

Here is a collection of 10 free screen recording softwares for creating attractive screencasts:




CamStudio is an open source screen recorder software which can record every screen and audio activity on a computer & create industry-standard AVI video files or bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWF).

O.S.: Windows


Jing Screen Recorder

Jing can both take screenshots & capture a screen as videos. It is possible to add textboxes, arrows or rectangles to highlight spots.

It can send the generated outputs to Screencast.com, Flickr, a FTP account, Twitter & more.

With a microphone, you can record audio with the video as well.

O.S.: Windows, Mac OS X


Webineria - Free Screen Capture

This is a very easy-to-use open source software to create screencasts.

It records the screen as an .AVI file & offers an option to create .FLV file from it. With the help of hotkeys, it is possible to start-pause & stop recording.

A great feature is, it can combine another video input (like webcam) with the screen recording process.

O.S.: Windows



Wink is a tutorial and presentation creation software which can capture screenshots & enables you to add explanation boxes, buttons, titles & more.

It supports various output formats like .EXE, .FLV, .HTML, etc.

O.S.: Windows, Linux

UltraVNC Screen Recorder

UltraVNC Screen Recorder

UltraVNC Screen Recorder is based-on CamStudio source with updates to improve the performance.

It supports both audio & screen capturing.

O.S.: Windows

Windows Media Encoder

Windows Media Encoder

Windows Media Encoder is a powerful application for capturing audio and video content with high-quality multichannel sound, high-definition video quality, and support for mixed-mode voice and music content.

You may find this helpful: Getting Started with Screen Capture Using Windows Media Encoder.

O.S.: Windows

BB FlashBack Express

BB FlashBack Express

BB FlashBack Express is the free version of some other advanced series. It can record from a video source, screen & audio.

It can export to AVI or FLV & has integrated support for direct uploading to the popular video sharing websites.

O.S.: Windows

CaptureFox (Firefox add-on)

Firefox Screen Capture

CaptureFox is a Firefox add-on which can record screens frame-by-frame to create tutorials. It also supports audio recording.

O.S.: All major operating systems

uTIPu TipCam


TipCam, besides the standard screen recording with audio & video, has various features like:

  • has AVI & FLV support
  • audio can be re-recorderd
  • beginning & end parts can be trimmed
  • video can zoom to the mouse cursor with smart zooming
  • ability to draw free-style during recording

O.S.: Windows


Krut Screen Recorder

This is a tiny Java application (works on many platforms) for creating screencasts.

Krut records movie files of selected parts of your screen in the quicktime mov format, including sound. The program has an intuitive and compact user interface.

O.S.: All major operating systems

  • connectionfailure

    What platform do these run on… Linux, OSX or that other one?

  • @connectionfailure,

    I have just updated the post to include the operating system support of each sotware.

  • Most of them are run on Windows system. And there is a Mac version of Jing Project. And I think you can include ScreenToaster to this list.
    If you find there is few editing features for these free ones, DemoCreator could be an option with not much cost.

  • Hi

    one click online recording:


  • FYI, CaptureFox doesn’t work on Mac OSX.

  • Raja Chandra Rangineni

    This post is really helpful.


  • For Ubuntu users, i recommend this


    it’s easy to install from “Add and remove applications”, or from “Synaptic”.

    It’s a round tool!! i use from 2 years ago.

    Good Post!

  • Jan

    I use http://www.screentoaster.com quite a lot and it works great… will try out the one you suggest here as well, thanks!


  • Marc M

    Where is Adobe Captivate?

  • @Marc,

    Captivate is amazing but as far as I know it is a paid product.

  • Varun

    Check out PSR.exe in windows 7.Less features but brilliant.

  • Hi! I use http://goview.com but I’ll try the ones you suggest. Nice post!

  • very informative post

  • LW

    Where is Adobe Captivate?

  • Cool Post. Don’t forget Screen toaster, it’s a pretty good screen recorder and it’s free too. Here is some more info about it:


  • Very good post. I’m looking for this for a long time. I used Camtasia Studio, but it needs paiding. So, these freewares are very useful. Thank you.

  • chand

    Hi everyone,
    I never use such software any suggestion that you can give which is best for Windows XP. Any experiences.


  • Yami

    Hello Everyone!

    Thanks for the post, it will help me a lot, but i have a question: which programm is really economical (i have just 512 mb ram and i want to capture some actions in photoshop)

  • Pat

    Thanks for the links. I am trying out Jing right now. Seems like it should be decent.

  • Judith

    What is the best inexpensive USB microphone for making screen recordings?


  • I just tried to install CatureFox but it does not support GNU/Linux. I’m running GNU/Linux Debian Squeeze. Perhaps you could mention it on the post. Thanks

  • kouskhir

    Thanks for this post.

    Very useful.

  • The best post I’ve seen in this site. thanks

  • Very helpful! Thanks for the links

  • Mr-Otto

    Well done, exactly what I needed!

  • kyle

    @Vin: Nobody cares about the mac. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Freeware is cool, but since it has some function limits in certain aspects. For screen recording hardcores, the commercial software is still essential, like DemoCreator which I got last few weeks and now fillin deep love with it. It’s quite clear and easy to use without any tutorial, and they just offer perfect video I dream of, so I got the pro version with no hestitation. Highly recommend to every business elite!!

  • great article – i am using wing, which is great but lacks smooth video recording. Now i got more apps to test ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yeah, fantastic list, thanks! But if possible, it would be helpful to know which ones have extra editing features, such as:

    – Panning
    – Zooming
    – Mouse highlighting
    – Pen/highlighter tool
    – Audio capture (mic and/or computer output)
    – Edit videos after capture
    – Banners, callouts and on-screen annotations

    That would definitely help when comparing products. I know CamStudio has panning, mouse highlighting and screen annotations (have to be placed *while* recording) but it lacks some of the others.

  • Php

    Great List!!! Thank You for sharing.

  • Dr. Jacqui Cyrus

    Hi: This is a great list to share with my undergraduate students. They have already assessed JingProject. This list should provide several more options for us, especially with our tight budget this year.

  • Nicole

    Thanks for this, there are some here I’d never heard of?
    One bit of info about all of them I’d really like to know is which ones can record fullscreen gameplay? This has a different hardware path than recording inside a window, so some softwares won’t do it.

  • Very useful, Thank You.


  • Thanks for the great information. Gonna check out some of the programs!!!

  • CamStudio is the best of all above..

  • Nice article. You may also want to add Pixetell to your screen recording comparison list.

    Disclosure: I work for Ontier, the company that makes Pixetell.

  • rosie

    i clicked on them all its not working! I wish it was working. Its not your fault its my computers!

  • miquel

    For me the best its screenr

  • Maybe good additions to this list are the checklist of criteria for selecting a screencasting tool at http://www.indoition.com/screencasting-tool-choosing.htm, as well as the list of screencasting tools at http://www.indoition.com/screencasting-tools-survey.htm.

  • Isaac

    Check out Microsoft Expression Encoder versions 2/3 for doing screen capture for Silverlight (Microsoft’s equivalent to Flash)

    Starting with version 2, Microsoft began releasing an express (free) version. I’m amazed at out how much they don’t talk about these free apps, but they’re there for the takin’.

    Go to http://www.microsoft.com/Expression/try-it/default.aspx#PageTop

    Find the download free edition button at the bottom of the page.

  • capturefox does not work on Linux and Mac

  • I am using xVidcap on linux ubuntu which is also working fine…

  • Mike

    Am staring a web learn project and I wondered what was out there for presentations.
    2nd Click and I found this! COOL.
    Good Job, really useful. Thanks.

  • Angie
  • Jing software is good, but it convert to swf file that i don’t know how to open it, so I install BB Flash which can have the option to export different format, it is suitable for me.

  • tim

    OS X 10.6 – built in Quicktime player now has screen recording ability, including microphone, to full screen res….

  • Thanks for share, i appreciate this

  • Marsha

    Do you know of any that are free and don’t require registration? I would like to use a screen recorder with my middle school students and their ages prohibit them from creating accounts.

  • haider

    dont install camstudio it dosent work

  • Veronique

    Does one is better to record sound easily, in the same time than video?

  • anonymus

    cam studio doesnt save files for some reason on my computer

  • nice list – hadn’t heard about most of them. gonna try some for presentations.

  • Jill

    I’d like to add to the description of Jing that it only allows you to capture 5 minutes of video at a time, which may not enough for many users

  • JT

    Can you record video games you play with these software?

  • wael fareed

    @JT : you can use fraps to record video games ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sylvia

    for video games,i think fraps is the best one

    for creating tutorials with windows activities recorded,i suggest flashdemo screen recorder

    i tried it to record a 2 hour video,and it works

    i use the free trial ,but thanks that it didn’t put a big watermark in the middle space of the video like some other shareware,so it didn’t annoy me

    and it supports editing

    very useful

  • Paul Hemminger

    I use http://www.screentoaster.com – this is an online cloud portal that links right to YoutTube, so you can either save your videos in an ever growing list of videos you’ve created, or you can upload to YouTube and share the link in minutes.

  • Great list. I’ve used Wink to create flash recordings of web demos. It’s quite good considering it is free.

  • Maggie

    and i need to say that Camstudio is really bad in output effect,my desktop looks like had been in water for long time(hard to explain,ugly…) in the output video

  • Confuzzled

    I am looking for a decent screen recorder that can handle changes in screen resolution and will record the audio that goes to the speakers… which of these would be the best?

  • Bob

    Some of these are a little out of date (including microsoft media encoder), but overall it was very helpful. Thanks!

  • Great post. Just what I was looking for.
    Any recommendations with witch one I should start…?
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Ramin

    This is a grat post, very very helpfull ,
    but it would be greater if you rank it, or tell your reader which one does what than the other one?
    so not every one has to down load all of them to know which is better or which satisfied
    his/her needs

    Thanks a lot for your POST

  • Denmark_All2323

    That Is Nice Screen Recorders!WOW

  • Nice list of options. There is so much software out there, and being able to find a good screen recording software is good.

    I am glad you have put together this list. I look forward to checking out the best.

  • random

    I think Blueberry Flashback express is one of the best ones made yet also Camtasia studio but this one aint free so you have to buy it !

  • ScreenVirtuoso PRO is now FREE for Personal use. one of the best and finest screen recording tool.


  • This post is really interesting and for Ubuntu i dnt thing gtk-recordMyDesktop is very good in producing the video output. Rather than that All other applications are good.
    Im using Camtesia software.


  • Nice collection.
    I am generally using camstudio, which one do you??

  • Lindsay

    I want a free screen and audio recording software to use for podcast interviews which have a full editing suite to insert images and edit content.

    What would you recommend for that?

  • Great post. Very useful list. You mentioned a couple of new ones that I’m going to try. Thank you.

  • B0B B0B

    Which one would you say if the best out of these, aside from Camstudio? Unfortunately, my Camstudio won’t open anymore.

  • Thanks for the list of the tools!
    Here are my remarks:
    1) CamStudio OpenSource is a queer tool, and I wasn’t able to use it immediately after the download: the recorded video contains coloured trash (some video decoder is needed?), I wasn’t able to find the location where the video is stored… after all I dropped this free tool.
    2) Jing by TechSmith looks nice according to the tutorial… but the application requires you to register an account (as they say “for easy video sharing”).
    3) uTIPu TipCam is free only for personal use (and it puts the watermark) – the commercial usage implies buying the license for $99.
    4) BB FlashBack Express is definitely worth trying – nice tool free of charge. It also able to highlight mouse cursor position.

  • Prodyot

    An excellent list.
    Thanks for compiling it and posting it.

  • steprock


    I tried several, but really liked Blueberry. It was able to record my screen, the speaker sounds, edit it, and upload it directly to YouTube.


  • Spencer

    CamStudio can crash your computer!

  • yahaira


  • Witch one is the best for 3 hours recording?

  • MArk G

    Having downloaded several installed and tried them, the results are not as stated on the programs pages.

    uTIPu – AVI? where?
    CamStudio – Please close when I tell you too, you don’t work at all. Why did you crash my PC?
    uVNC – Thanks for killing my PC, fail to see why you and the others need to connect to the internet, unless your all snooping!

    Basically, the only one to have produces a video stream that then subsequently wouldn’t encode it… uTIPu and the quality is atrocious.

    To qualify as OPEN SOURCE, your software SHOULD NEVER PHONE HOME…. I think that developers need to either UNDERSTAND what OS is by getting the software OSI certified otherwise it is not proper OPENSOURCE WARES because OSI wouldn’t certify software like this unless it has a legitimate reason for doing, this bunch of freebie software has no reason to phone home, so I warn people to be wary of software requesting internet access.

    My PC incidentally is a 3.2Ghz machine, (dual core 1.6ghz chips) 4 Gig of ram, HS SSD with <1ms latency. LTS is an external 1TB drive thats an NAS setup. Superfast Nvidia built in card.

    The machine is rock solid, the software here is debatable.

    I am grateful for the list but it is clear that this software has a way to go before its classed as stable or opensource.

  • Mark G


    uVNC is a rework of CamStudio which explains why it also does not work.

    uVNC upon attemting a recording ended up crashing.

    Clearly the selection of software here has its problems and think personally that these developers should wait a while longer before touting their warez because its clear to me that on 3 different machines of differing power and resources, the outcome is failure.

    Bet I could get out of CanStudio was 5 frames a second which is pathetic, push it beyond 5 frames and they system locks up.

    uVNC acted in the same way.

    so fat 0/10 for all of them.

  • hnb

    I suggest you download an earlier version of Ubuntu live CD with Gnome 2.0 to keep it lightweight, or make a bootable usb stick and then install Istanbul, its the best screen recorder for ubuntu in terms of frame rate and video quality up to full HD. You will not regret it. And the videos are quite small in size, with a bit of tweaking.


    HI THERE!!! For recording like 7 hours in a row, which of these apps would fit best? Sometimes the output is just too large!!!! thanks!

  • JJ Abrahms

    Screenr is the business! It’s free (and not $300) and posts effortlessly to Facebook and Youtube or is downloadable into an .mp4. I eff’d around with other software for hours before I found Screenr and I want to save other people the same timesuck and hassle. Forget everything else, I tried Jing, CamStudio, and UTipU. Guess what, they all totally blue. Screenr is boss!

  • Vincent

    Hello, guys! Can anybody recommend recorder which captures only CHANGED frames? (to reduce video size) Sound rec also must be presented.

  • Louie

    CamStudio went a bit crazy for me; I couldn’t open it to pause recording, and then when I quit the program my screen started flashing green and orange, of all things. I forced a restart and tentatively deleted it, but I feel like that was a close call. I DO NOT RECOMMEND.

  • Jason

    CamStudio got messed up in vr. 2.6, now it wont work. System files corrupt and Windows wont recognize it as a program

  • hemant

    of all above , the best one i found is techsmith camtasia software. records high quality of screen.

  • Hi i need a screen recorder like camstudio which u can select where u want to record. this was helpful but i need help plz

  • Singh Sukhu

    Hey where is Snagit? it is a pretty cool software

  • jing is da best

  • how do u make camstudio where u press the recording button then it says press anywhere on the screen to start?
    My cam studio use to do it but now it doesn’t :(.

    Please tell me how to use camstudio to do that

  • Thanks, just what I was looking for, try using Camstudio but gave me errors.

  • I have downloaded webinarea, its really working! Thank you friend.

  • Dipiebucb

    Your list is fairly helpful. It seems that most of them run well on Windows system, and I have used Camstudio (is free but sometimes crash, that is, no audio in recording). As far as I know, Jing and Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder can run well on both Windows and Mac. So, I hope you can list much more free software that can run on Mac. Thank you.

  • Dennis

    Does anyone know of a program that captures a specific window? Everything I’ve tried only captures the screen area bounded by a window but if another window or the capture control is moved into that screen area, it is also recorded. I want to specify a window so that I can continue using the computer while the capture is in progress without impacting the recording.


  • RF

    Yes Dennis – BSR screen recorder captures only a window if you like, or a region.