10 Free Website Thumbnail Generation Services


Automatically created website thumbnails have a wide usage from links in a website to a web application presenting URLs with their thumbnails.

Using a website thumbnail generation service is generally a time-saving decision both for the website owner (as it'll be automated) & the visitor (for getting a better idea about the link).

Here are 10 free website thumbnail solutions including a "how to on creating your own".

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Shrink The Web

A powerful & free thumbnail service with 250,000 request limits / month & offers more limits in the paid plans.

For the free plan, no custom sizes can be mentioned & inner page thumbnails are not supported (but supports most of the popular sizes). On the other hand, the service is ad-free and works with JavaScript / Flash embed.



websnapr offers free website thumbnails & puts a "powered by websnapr" phrase over the images. There are paid plans without imitations and more features.

There are ready to use plugins for WordPress, Drupal & more that can be found here.



A free plan exists to create website thumbnails both with & without API support. Thumbnails are watermarked with "by thumbalizr" phrase & premium plans don't have this limitation.

After signing-up, a PHP script is provided for caching the images locally for faster loads & minimum requests.

iWEBTOOL Thumbnails

iWEBTOOL Thumbnails

A free thumbnails service for creating thumbnails of the links provided.

After inserting a JavaScript file to the webpages, system almost starts to work automatically.

There is a backlink in the thumbnails which can be removed by switching to a paid plan.

SnapCasa (project is abandoned)


A popular website thumbnail provider that has both free & paid plans.

Free plan is limited to 300,000 requests / month which is good for many websites. And, it is ad-free.

Usage is very simple, Just mention the thumbnail's parameters in the img tag & that's all. Like:

<img src="http://SnapCasa.com/Get.aspx?code=[code]&size=[size]&url=[url]" />

 artViper Website Thumbnails (project is abandoned)

artViper Thumbnail Service

This thumbnail service offers nice features in the free version like:

  • Any size of thumbnails
  • Subpage support
  • Realtime preview & more.

A backlink is required in every page that the service is used & there are few JavaScript-Ajax tools provided to display thumbs.

thmbnl (project is abandoned)

Website Thumbnail Service

thmbnl also provides free & paid plans. Free plan is limited to 1000 views / month.

Thumbnails are generated in 5 different sizes & codes are provided after a free membership.

Girafa (project is abandoned)


A nice service for creating URL thumbnails whose free plan is limited to 2000 views / day & does not support inner pages.

MyThumbnail (project is abandoned)

My Thumbnails

This free thumbnail generation service currently does not have a limit, supports sub-pages & any width-height can be mentioned.

Create Your Own Website Thumbnail Service

Website Thumbnail Software

You can also create your own website thumbnail service & use it without limitations.

IECapt is a command line utility for capturing Internet Explorer's rendering of a webpage (CutyCapt for Webkit).

  • there is one very simple service at this url :


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    Thumbnails are a pretty important piece ofa website.


  • Great set, thumblizr is good but it watermarks it and that’s pretty annoying.

  • Useful list,I think you forget sitegif.com.It also support multiple website snapshot service.

  • http://www.usome.com

    Great set, thumblizr is good but it watermarks it and that’s pretty annoying.

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  • Exclusive service displays of Thumbs url 3D on http://www.thumbs-online.com

  • PageGlimpse.com has a very scalable Web Thumbnails generation service that runs on Amazon Web Services cluster. It currently powers thumbnails of many websites including Adjix a new twitter link shortening service. The API lets you quickly integrate website thumbnails in any of your application, website or mobile app. And it’s FREE. The service is really fast and you don’t have to worry about capturing thumbnails yourself or keep them up-to-date.

  • Nice, but I like to use for my directory as auto or by plugin but I dont got any solution for that. Any idea??

  • please try out my solution:

    it takes about 10 seconds to create a screenshot and after that it recreates everytime when a user sees the image.

    the parameter thumb describes the height of the screenshot and the parameter url the URL to the website.

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    You can try http://www.sitethumbshot.com/. I am using it for some time. It is free and services are great.

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    I second the mention of PageGlimpse @ http://www.pageglimpse.com I use them in my web development, and the seem to work great.

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    A few of these have bitten the dust, such as thmbnl and MyThumbnail.

    Another for the list is webthumb.net

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    If you want to generated website thumbnail I would suggest using any one of three, shrinktheweb.com, websnapr.com or w3snapshot.com. All three are good services to generated website snapshots.

  • Unfortunately most of the links are broken or poiting to parked sites

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    An interesting such service is http://pagepeeker.com

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    I’m looking a thumb service but a lot seems to be down.


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    Good uptime with the immediatenet.com thumbnail API:

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    I have tested a lot of them but I think that http://www.megasnaps.com is the better. The free web site to image, create a image of the whole html page, and offers a cropped options too.

    The website thumbnails service are a good option for any type of web sites.

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    You can access to free website thumbnail service very soon.

    Please follow: http://opews.com

    We working on this system.

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    i have used http://browser.seotest.com it’s better for fast screenshot

  • Try http://www.snapito.com for full page website screenshots. An API and bookmarklets are available.

  • We use this one (http://www.webcapturer.com/). It’s free and no annoying watermark. No need to embed javascript

  • I made one at http://ageispolis.net/url using CutyCapt and Xvfb. It’s quite fast and it’s free.

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