1000th Post, A Big Thank You & Huge Giveaway

Well, yes. After the first post published at WebResourcesDepot, at least one new resource is shared everyday with no exceptions and here is the 1000th post.

Although there are more to share in our bookmarks & your suggestions eases finding new ones, it is a good idea to give a small break and celebrate this with a huge giveaway.

1000th WebResourcesDepot Post

Before introducing the details of the giveaway, a big thanks to everyone who follow WebResourcesDepot via:

or any other media and contributes with their comments that help us all to learn more & improve ourselves.

Also, thanks very much to all the advertisers who support WRD.

The Huge Giveaway:

Here are the products/services which make this huge giveaway (32 products) possible (listed alphabetically):

activeCollab LogoactiveCollab is an amazing project management & collaboration tool that you can set up on your own server or local network.

Work with your team, clients and contractors in an easy to use environment, while keeping full control over your data.

Giving Away: 1 Small Biz ($249) & 1 Corporate ($449) license.



CAZE is a provider of high quality & creative iPhone CAZEs which has a beautiful collection from leather to metalic ones.

Considering there are lot of iPhone users between WRD readers, these CAZEs are the right stuff to add a twist to your mobile phones.

Giving Away: 4 CAZES – (1 De Luxe/Metallic, 1 Love Pair/Metallic – $24.90 , 1 D Stripe/Leather – $29.90, 1 Silver Tone/Metallic – $29.90)


CometChat LogoCometChat is a Facebook-like chat script which allows your users to chat with their friends/online users and in-exchange keep them on your site.

It is built with PHP/MySQL & besides the standalone one, it has vBulletin & JomSocial versions.

Giving Away: 1 license ($49 – the winner can choose any edition).


Flowplayer Logo

Flowplayer is the ultimate video player for websites which can be highly customized to fit any need.

It can stream video from different sources & using the JavaScript API, all aspects of it can be controlled.

Giving Away: 1 commercial license ($95).


MachForm Logo

MachForm is an impressive application for creating beautiful forms & collecting the results.

It comes with all the PHP source code, has spam protection & an easy-to-use administrator interface where everything is handled via Ajax + drag’n drops.

Giving Away: 3 single site licenses ($39/each).


MailChimp Logo

MailChimp is a great service for designing/sending email newsletters to your customers, managing your subscriber lists, and tracking campaign performance.

The service is integrated with most of the popular softwares/services and makes it possible to integrate your own with its API.

Giving Away: $500 of e-mail credits.


Monoslideshow Logo

Monoslideshow is a Flash® slideshow to view your images and videos in a web page. It can be placed on every website, in whatever size you want and filled with whatever content you like.

It’s designed for maximum flexibility, whether you want to have a professional looking portfolio, or a simple image rotator on your website. 

Giving Away: 3 licenses €25/each.


Navicat For MySQL Logo

Navicat offers feature-rich & user-friendly database administration tools for MySQL, PostgreSQL & Oracle.

It can connect to databases even if they are "local only" by HTTP tunneling, enables scheduling of db related tasks & offers a powerful import/export feature. The tool runs on Windows, Linux & Mac.

Giving Away: 3 Standard licenses $129/each (winner can choose from any of the Windows, Linux & Mac versions).


Pingdom Logo

Pingdom is a very functional web-based service that tracks your website’s uptime and performance.

It has multiple check types like HTTP(S), TCP port, Ping, DNS, UDP, SMTP, POP3 & IMAP. Also, different intervals can be selected & alerts can be received via e-mail or SMS.

Giving Away: 5 yearly Basic accounts ($119.4/each) & 1 yearly Business account ($479.4/year).


PointBanner Logo

PointBanner is a banner design service that creates the chic banners you need for your brands & products.

Besides every standard banner size, they support custom sizes too and offer various packages for making you ready to a campaign.

Giving Away: Five $25 coupons.


SSLmatic Logo

SSLmatic offers the certificates of the most popular SSL brands for much cheaper prices with a non-complicated process.

They provide the SSL certificates of RapidSSL, Geotrust, Verisign & besides the standard ones wildcard certificates can be purchased too.

Giving Away: 3 RapidSSL certificates ($19.99/each – original price: $79/each).


How To Win Them?

There are very few things to do:

  • Simply comment to this post
  • Subscribe to our RSS feed to instantly see the winners announcement post when it is online (totally optional but what can go wrong with getting great web design/development resources everyday)

Winners will be selected on 12 September 2009 (1 week later) with the query below in the same order they are mentioned inside the post:

SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_id=1146 AND comment_approved=1 AND comment_type='' GROUP BY comment_author_email ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 32

Good luck to all : ), and again, thanks very much for following WRD.

P.S. The image used is by pinkmoustache.net.