16 Free Ajax Contact Forms – For A Better User Experience

Contact forms are the most common bridges between readers & site owners whether it is a blog or an e-commerce site.

Creating a better user experience in this bridge definitely helps improving the effect created in the eyes of the site visitors.

Depending on the features (or JS frameworks to be used) you may need, you can choose from these 16 very nice free Ajaxed contact forms & implement them easily to any website.


LightForm – Ajax / PHP Contact Form – Demo

PHP Ajax Contact Form

It uses FormCheck2 for validation of fields and NiceForms to style form objects.

There is a simple captcha-like validation which ask the user a sum of 2 numbers. E-mails are sent via PHP & displays user IP, user agent and referrer in the message.

Proto Form – Contact Form With Protoype

Prototype Contact Form

A lightweight (only 4KB) & unobtrusive contact form that is built with Prototype.

The fields are validated & highlighted accordingly. The e-mail message is sent via Ajax and a success result is displayed.

It is a very handy form which can be installed easily.

jQuery – Ajax Contact Form (Tutorial & Files)Demo

Ajax jQuery Contact Form

A very nice tutorial from Nettuts on creating an Ajaxed contact form with jQuery & PHP.

The form has an input validation. After the message is sent in th ebackgroung a "success" message is displayed to the user.

Very Chic Contact Form (English version) – Demo

Script.aculo.us Contact Form

This contact form uses Script.aculo.us & WForms.

An unique feature of it is, it tries to connect to the server of the sender to verify that it accepts mail to the address mentioned.

Message size can be limited and remaining characters are displayed in a box.

jQuery Sliding Contact FormDemo

jQuery Contact Form

A sliding contact form built with jQuery. Form is normally hidden at the top & slides down with the first click & up at the 2nd click.

There is no form validation & mail sending code included.

Brett's Beta Contact Form

Free Ajax Contact Form

A contact form that checks the validity of the fields & sends the e-mail accordingly. It is not updated for a while but the form works ok.

roScripts Form – MooTools Ajax Contact Form – Demo

Ajax Contact Form

This contact form is built with MooTools. Fields are validated via JavaScript & if there are no errors e-mails are sent with an Ajaxed interface (PHP backend).

Ajax Contact Form With Xajax & PHPMailerDemo

Free Ajax Form

A simple and safe Ajax form. A JavaScript validation mechanism controls the fields & displays a common warning for all fields.

Ajax function used is Xajax & the famous PHPMailer is used for sending the e-mail.

jQuery – Ajax Contact FormDemo

jQuery Ajax Contact Form

This Ajaxed contact form uses jQuery & the jQuery Form plugin for input validation.

Inputs are sanitized for the form being safe. A success or an error message is displayed after the form is submitted without leaving the page.

Contact Form With Script.aculo.us & WFormsDemo

Free Ajax Contact Form

A nice & free contact form script that can do required input validation by adding a class info to the form elements like: class="required".

Script.aculo.us is used for the "info box & text appearing effect" & WForms is used for controlling the inputs.

Ajax Contact Form With PHP & jQuery (Tutorial)Demo

PHP Ajax Contact Form

An unobstrusive contact form that has a PHP backend & uses jQuery.

It controls the required fields, displays warnings accordingly & sends the email with no page refresh.

A nice thing about this ajax contact form is, inputs are validated at the PHP side which means they will be controlled even if JavaScript is disabled.

Fancy Ajax Contact Form (French – Click For English)

Ajaxed Contact Form

This form is built with MooTools with a PHP backend.

It has a very nice look & there is no validation implemented.

MooTools Contact Form

MooTools Contact Form

A contact form built with MooTools.

Input is checked via JavaScript & PHP. Message field does not accept any http addresses considering most spams reach this way.

jQuery Contact FormDemo

jQuery Form

This form checks the fields to see if they are valid, displays an error if there is a problem & sends the message as an e-mail when everything is ok. E-mail is sent via a PHP file with no refresh.

The script is normally an e-mail sending form which can easily be modified to turn it into a contact form.

Tableless Ajax Contact Form With jQuery (Tutorial & Files)Demo

Ajax Contact Form

A nice contact form that uses jQuery & PHP.

It validates all the inputs, displays warnings when needed & sends the e-mail.

Easy Ajax Contact Form (jQuery)Demo

Easy Ajax Contact Form

Using jQuery & the jQuery Form plugin, this ajax contact form script validates inputs & sends the e-mail.

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