19 Creative And Free Fonts In Vector Formats

There are 1000s of free TrueType or OpenType fonts that can be used in design projects. On the other hand, there are very few free fonts in vector formats.

Fonts in vector formats like .AI, .EPS or PDF are great, specially when we want to modify or add an extra twist to them. As every layer of them are under our hands, this is easily possible.

Here is a collection of 19 creative, quality & free fonts in vector formats (.AI, .EPS or PDF) that you’ll like:


Plasti Puzzle Font (.AI)

Plastic Vector Font . AI Format

The font’s download link exists in the information section of the page.

Free Vecto Font (.PDF)

Free Vector Font In PDF

Quarters Typeface

Vector EPS Font

Just–My–Type – Vector Illustrator Fonts (7 Fonts – .AI)

Layer Cake (Just–My–Type link)

Vector Illustrator Font

Soraya (Just–My–Type link)

Illustrator Retro Font

Tash (Just–My–Type link)

Illustrator Font

Pyramid (Just–My–Type link)

Vector Pyramid Font

Analogue vs. Digital (Just–My–Type link)

Retro Vector Font

Twist (Just–My–Type link)

Rounded Vector Font

Sausage (Just–My–Type link)

Vector Sausage Font

Dzeri26 Vector Font (.PDF)

Vector Grunge PDF Font

My Fox – Font Pack – 4 Fonts (.AI)

ABC (My Fox link)

Free .AI Font

Contempory (My Fox link)

Free Vector Font

Getting Blocky (My Fox link)

Free Illustrator Font

We Want (My Fox link)

Font In Illustrator

Knarf Art Font (.AI & .TTF)

Adobe Illustrator Font

Federal Decorative Font (.EPS)

Decorative EPS Font

Cinderella Decorative Font (.EPS)

Cevtor .EPS Decorative Font

Renaissance (.EPS)

Free Renaissance Font

  • nice collection !


    gracias por los tipos

  • Awesome, I really liked the Soraya typeface.

  • Beautiful font collection!Very useful!

  • Cynthia Andrews

    I have accidentially deleated my download of the Cinderella font and the Renaissance Font from DesignWar and can not find them anymore….how can I get the free download again?? Any help would be appreciated…..thanks

  • Amy

    I got really exited when i found the renaissance font, it is exactly what I want and more even, it is so perfect for my purposes I cannot tell you, but, When i click on the link to download it, it says it cannot be found.
    AAAARGH! my heart aches… Please help me find this beautiful font…

  • @Cynthia + @Amy,

    Can’t Google find them too. Please let me know if you manage to find them and would be great if you share them here.