20+ Free Portfolio Templates, Themes And PSDs

For a designer, developer, photographer or anyone/any business creative, the website of their own is the best place to showcase their skills and services.

You may be "about to design your new portfolio website" and thinking whether you should start from scratch or get inspired from/use a template.

And, not sure to use a CMS or maybe considering to start designing it in Photoshop?

No worries. Here is a collection of 20+ free portfolio templates, WordPress themes and PSDs to help you get started or inspired for a beautiful website.


XHTML/CSS Portfolio Templates

WaterColored Web Portfolio (With PSD) (demo)

WaterColored XHTML Portfolio Template

This XHTML portfolio template is the result of a series of 2 tutorials which also includes the PSD of the design.

It has an image slider that is built with jQuery to display the featured works and a sidebar to display any other updates (from the blog, Twitter, etc.).

Seven Seas (demo)

Seven Seas Portfolio Template

A single page portfolio template with a unique design that has a slider and tooltips integrated.

Your Inspiration Folio (With PSD) (demo)

Your Inspiration Folio

Your Inspiration Folio is a one page template that has an integrated Lightbox to display images and an Ajaxed contact form.

There is also a tutorial provided on the design process of the template.

Cosmos (demo)

Cosmos Template

The template has a spot for Twitter integratiion to display the latest tweets (not integrated) and a slider that can also show any content besides the images.

YIW Minimal (With PSD) (demo)

YIW Minimal

A minimalistic template with a content slider in the homepage to display featured projects.

It has an about, portfolio and a contact page (and a contact form with validation). The template also has a Photoshop tutorial.

A Simple Folio (demo)

Simple Folio Portfolio Template

Just like the name says, it is a simple XHTML-CSS portfolio template with a huge slider.

The template only comes with the front-page and doesn't have any sub-pages inside the download.

Woody Portfolio (demo)

Woody Portfolio Template

Woody Portfolio is a single page template with a slider to display the latest works and a contact form.

Sweet Dreams (demo)

Sweet Dreams Template

A portfolio template with a beautiful background and a huge slider.


WordPress Portfolio Themes

FolioGrid (demo)

FolioGrid WordPress Theme

FolioGrid enables you to display your portfolio in a grid where users can sort them according to their categories and comment to each.

It comes with 3 different styles: dark, light and yellow.

Irresistable (demo)

Irresistable Wordpreeess Theme

A high quality theme with a multimedia focus that integrates some video options-widgets for Flickr and Twitter.

It has an integrated banner manager and a video player.

Cumulus (demo)

Cumulus - WordPress Portfolio Theme

A very nice and clean portfolio theme with an image slider in the frontpage that displays the latest images from the portfolio.

It offers an easy navigation to browse any content created and the portfolio itself.

SimpleFolio (demo)

SimpleFolio WordPress Theme

SimpleFolio is a beautiful WordPress portfolio theme which is widget-ready and has an image slider.

It has drop-down enabled navigation menus and threaded/paged comments.

FotoFolio (demo)

FotoFolio WordPress Theme

FotoFolio is a WordPress theme that is focused on displaying images which is great for designers, photographers, etc.

It has a jQuery-powered slideshow and zoom functionality.

Sharpfolio (demo)

Sharpfolio WordPress Theme

The theme enables anyone to showcase any creative in a simple and clean way.


Infinity WordPress Theme

Infinity is a creative theme which is suitable to showcase  portfolio.

It is integrated with Flick, Delicious and Twitter.

Portfolio-WPESP (demo)

Portfolio WPESP Theme

This portfolio theme is simple-yet -functional with features like a slider and customized project showcase page with custom fields usage to present the client, company and so.


PSD Portfolio Website Layouts

Simple & Cloudy Portfolio Layout in Photoshop

Photoshop Portfolio Layout

This Photoshop portfolio template is a simple and clean one which presents the featured works, latest items from the blog and a contact form at the homepage.

Portfolio Website Template In PSD

PSD Portfolio Template

A simplistic template to display featured items and short info about the content you prefer (about you, testimonials, etc.).

Free Portfolio PSD

PSD Portfolio

It has a modern typeface, a slider for featured items and more modules to display information about you.

There is also sidebar to integrate the tweets.

Grunge Layout

Grunge PSD Portfolio Layout

This grunge PSD portfolio layout focuses on the showcase of the items and has icons/links to the social networks the site owner uses.

Clean Portfolio PSD

Clean Portfolio PSD

A portfolio layout uses a pleasant color scheme and a clean design to give designers a place to promote their work.

This PSD portfolio template also has a tutorial that shares the steps of how it was created.

Simple PSD Portfolio

Simple PSD Portfolio Layout

This is a pretty simple and clean design of a portfolio website with a slider and display of projects.


Any suggestions of other good portfolio templates? Please share them and we'll be happy to include them to the list.

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