25 Amazing JavaScript Games (Some Fun And Inspiration)


JavaScript, with the rise of Ajax, is definitely a must-know-well for every web designer/developer.

Besides form controls, alerts & similar simple JavaScript usage, you can almost do anything with the help of JavaScript (& Canvas). Some samples are:

  • Drag’n drops
  • Animations
  • CSS manipulations, Ajax & more.

JavaScript Games
And there are JavaScript libraries which make them easier like jQuery, MooTools, Prototype, etc.

For any developer looking for advanced JS techniques, games are a real treasure.

You can easily see examples of animations, interactivity, smart solutions for browser related math functions & so.. And they are definitely a source of inspiration as you sometimes face with a feature that you never thought could be existed.

Also, this is the last month of a busy year & every web designer/developer deserves some fun : ).

So, here are 25 amazing (sometimes not the game itself but how beautifully it’s done) JavaScript games that you’ll love.


Bunny Hunt

Hunting JavaScript Game

A classic hunting game with an easy to play interface.

Make sure you check the source of the website to see how simply it is built with the power of XHTML, CSS & JavaScript.

JavaScript Library: none.


Ajax Game Travians

A character game (like Sims) where you’re a villager.

It is a multiplayer game & totally Ajaxed. You can move your character, communicate with other user & more.

JavaScript Library: xajax.

Digg Attack

Digg JavaScript Game

This is certainly a Web 2.0 game. It is a JavaScript / Canvas 2D Shooter using live data via the Digg API to spawn enemies.

All the images are rendered with Canvas in real-time.

JavaScript Library: none.

Invaders From Mars

JavaScript Shooter Game

A classic game & pretty amazing implementation.

Developer’s blog has lotf of information about the game & the code.

JavaScript Library: SoundManager2.


JavaScript Solitaire

Classic Solitaire game in JavaScript. All the source can be viewed & there are no server-side dynamics. It is totally a JS game, beautifully coded.

JavaScript Library: none.

Card Games

JavaScript Solitaire

A set of solitaire-like card games like freecell, yukon & more.

Background & deck image can be selected besides the game. There are very smooth JavaScript effects used.

JavaScript Library: YUI, MochiKit, PlotKit.

Jetris – JavaScript Tetris

JavaScript Tetris

A JavaScript version of tetris.

JavaScript Library: Game JS.


JavaScript PacMan

The game is pure JavaScript & XHTML. There is a nice use of CSS sprites (just check the bg images).

JavaScript Library: YUI.


JavaScript Bomberman

This was "once" my favorite game : ). 

It is possible to play the game against another player here.

JavaScript Library: MooTools & SoundManager2.


JavaScript Minesweeper

Just the same classic Minesweeper.

JavaScript Library: none.


Prototype JavaScript Game

A RPG engine written in Javascript that has items to be picked, monsters & more.

JavaScript Library: Prototype & Script.aculo.us.

Vox Imperium

JavaScript MultiPlayer Game

An Ajaxed multiplayer strategy game based on conquest, diplomacy & territorial control.

JavaScript Library: none.

Real World Racer

Google Map Game

Car racing on Google Maps at any destination you want.

JavaScript Library: none (Google Maps API).

DHTML Lemmings

JavaScript Lemmings

This is probably one of the most famous games ever.

It is just similar to the original one.

JavaScript Library: none.


JavaScript Battleship

Beautiful implementation of this classic game.

Ship are placed with drag’n drops, there is an Ajax activity at the background & it can be played multiplayer too.

JavaScript Library: Prototype, Script.aculo.us & SoundManager2.

Ajax Chinese Chess

Ajax Chinese Chess

The game works very smooth with the animations & sounds.

JavaScript Library: MooTools & SoundManager2.

DHTML Arkanoid

DHTML Arkanoid

Original arkanoid almost totally ported to JS.

You’ll be surprised when you see the effects of the bar, bonuses & more.

JavaScript Library: none.


JavaScript Brickslayer

The famous game but in JavaScript & XHTML (like the arkanoid above but simpler).

JavaScript Library: Prototype & SoundManager.


JavaScript Sudoku

As the game is totally related to Maths, there are serious equatitons at the background.

You can insert the numbers by clicking to the empty fields & activating the input.

JavaScript Library: none.

Video Poker

JavaScript Poker

A real video poker game with all the possibilities. Simply amazing.

JavaScript Library: none.


JavaScript Bejeweled

A JavaScript version of the popular Bejeweled.

Objects can be dragged/dropped & has nice animations.

JavaScript Library: MooTools.


JavaScript Space Game

This is again a classic shooter game that uses XHTML & JS.

JavaScript Library: SoundManager2.

JavaScript Super Mario Kart

JavaScript Super Mario Kart

An experimental Mario Kart-like game that uses the Canvas element.

It enables you to define the quality, render mode to test the performance.

JavaScript Library: none.


Ajax Poker

A multiplayer, Ajaxed poker game where you can play or watch a table.

JavaScript Library: GWT.

JavaScript Mario

JavaScript Mario

Super Mario in 14kb of JavaScript.

JavaScript Library: none.

  • nice post g8…thx !!!

  • Thats a cool list, Thanks!

  • I thought javascript is just a simple language like html but here u prove me wrong what javascript can do. If you can code most of the games with it, then javascript is not a kid play.

    its a programming language on per with the like of unix or java

  • Anonymous Coward

    “its a programming language on per with the like of unix or java”

    Unix is not so much a programming language as it is an operating system.

    Slight difference between the two…

  • and don’t forget http://www.erepublik.com the first massively multiplayer social strategy game based on a mirror version of the real world.

  • Greate Work

  • Z D

    You should add Elusive Games to that list. They’re entire library of games is written in Javascript, (sound is in Flash).

  • Very nice collection.Thank you.

  • Thank you for the list. I added you to my site!

  • wow…… really coooooooool games

  • Alan

    I’ve been most impressed with the large collection of 2-player abstract games at http://googlegamecenter.com — all in JavaScript.

  • These are great … flash look out the web 2.0 stuff is here ! I’ve seen Mario Kart one …didn’t know about the others.
    Stumbled !

  • celsyum

    real shit – these games are so low

  • Great list of simply clever games …

  • Kai

    Nice games! You can add this pacman too:



  • Great list, another one is Multiplayer AJAX Sudoku over at http://www.sudokushootout.com


  • Denis

    No http://www.tinywarz.com ?

    That is an amazing example of what javascript/AJAX can do!

  • Jigsaw Break uses Scriptaculous for drag & drop. Also, has a mashup with Google Images and Flickr Photos APIs.

  • Marc

    Here’s a slot machine with sound:

  • I’d also like to humbly submit PseudoQuest as an example of crazy things being done largely with JavaScript.


    It’s a casual MMORPG written largely with Prototype, Scriptaculous, AJAX, and DHTML on the front end. (PHP/MySQL drives the backend).

    Interesting bits include: realtime PvP combat, a spiffy windowing system, drag/drop quickbar, in-game chat, and a host of non-JS related features.

    It’s just me creating it, so I haven’t had time to polish it in IE – it’s best viewed in Firefox 3 or Opera 9.6.

    At any rate, I’d like to think it’s somewhat more technically interesting than video poker. 😉

  • My cousin wrote these three games http://hamsterrepublic.com/js/ back in 1996, testing them with the Javascript implemntations on Netscape Navigator 3.0 and Internet Explorer 3.0… and they all still work great today in modern browsers.

  • nice games Thx for post

  • http://jsmario.com.ar that mario rocks!

  • you can play with the arrows keys, “a” and “s” keys, also the viewport can be resized like a window (you can use CTRL too, or space in safari)

  • Great list ! I have written an AJAX/CSS browser game as well, with soundmanager for sound. Its a multiplayer map conquest game.
    WMD Tank Battle http://wmdtb.com

  • koan

    And what about the great RPG Triglav?
    (works best in IE -what a shame- but it’s a great game)

  • I would add Robert Schultz’s YUI-based World of Solitaire to this list.


    Fantastic game playing experience.


  • @Eric, thanks for the mention 🙂

    It’s already in the list though, as ‘Card Games’ 🙂

  • Hey, thanks for the mention aswell!

    Just a side note. I only created GameJS and the Jetris game to check if I could create some kind of “port” from XNA to JS. There are much faster and better ways to create a tetris game in javascript probably, but they wouldnt be as elegant in code as mine is 😉

    Also it was alot of fun doing so…

  • Thanks for these 25 cool games. I love it.

  • Hey, nice list of very good, quality games! Our studio developed lately a tetris clone in JavaScript. The game is called mBlocks, if you have some time, check it out: http://www.merixstudio.com/play/mblocks

  • BAE

    Nice information :-).

  • OMG I can’t believe I found bomberman. I used to play in my video game a decade ago.

  • Dan

    A cool game that uses JavaScript is Queville (http://queville.com). It is a RPG with players allow to chat to each other, trade with each other, mine, smith, fish, cookie, combat, and other stuff. Also it has highscores.

    Fun game. It’s a 2D tile-based RPG.

  • this site is just AWESOME, were developing a site that uses games in order to help students study boring course material. Were hoping to make similar games but add a pop-up screen while they are racing that ask them a question about a given subject. Sure to post my content on this site. Thanks for the idea

  • I recently finished a tactics RPG written in javascript (sound was with a Java applet). It’s a parody game called Shadow of Time 4: http://sot4.aerosphere-studios.com/ , and I also released the code as open source, so you can download the javascript and make other tactics games with it (includes a world builder).

  • It is allowed to play the game on http://mooph.cz/index.php?fun&rts

  • nice list, I will tell the admin at doxapolis.com to feature some of the games.

    by the way doxapolis is a great social game website, try it out.

  • WOW! Amazing and excellent post. !!! Just great keep the good work going. great article…

  • nice list, you can add http://funmin.com site. I has many nice javascript games

  • fie
  • eric

    sweet game looks better than regular nintendo

  • BFF

    Here’s a javascript game (mostly jquery code with sound via html embed) by our designers, Bitography. We did the music — soundscape, free ring-tones, whatever you’d like to call them — it is more of a neat graphic / sound demo with a little gameplay then an actual long playing epic. We did 12 tunes for this. Everything but the audio works and looks great on the iPhone (and a few other smartphones). Anyway, not to sound like an ad, but check out Bitografellas: Superego v1.0 http://bitography.com/bitografellas

  • I remember playing this javascript game Deehtml ages ago, pretty cool actually

  • I thought the sudoku game on dhtmlgoodies was pretty cool. It has some issues though since it can create games with multiple solutions and only recognizes one as a valid solution. I was inspired to try to make a better version which I posted here (shameless plug): http://www.fourthwoods.com/sudoku.html
    Let me know what you think!

  • Great collection! It is getting really easy to make purely JS games these days. I just made Mutant Zombie Monsters – http://www.mutantzombiemonsters.com/ – in a couple weeks

  • bozoou

    ..and you can check and this game:

    …I promise great fun in multiplayer mode!!!

  • Could u add my javascript gobang game to your list? Here is my site: http://www.wushen.biz/wiseeder

  • I’ve tried to create a game like GPokr. A multiplayer, Ajaxed poker game where you can play or watch a table.

    Here’s my version:

    I also have another nice game call Poker Chip Stacking but it Flash.


  • Hello. I’ve created strateg.yga.me . I just wanted you to know.

  • I found one you should include also. Its a pure 100% javascript game with music, explosion and everything. You use arrows to move your mech and spacebar to shoot. Return of the Dragon:

    Good Luck!!

  • Happy Gamer

    Thanks so much! I own a 3ds and I can’t play any java or flash games, so only this java script games work! What a savior 😀 Thanks a bunch, I really enjoy your games.

  • Thanks for the Awesome list. Mario kart is my favorite~!

  • Do try out my javascript based trading sim….


    more to come later in multiplayer mode if folks like it…

  • You missed the two best ones..!!



  • Boulder Dash is an old Commodore 64 game. Now you can play with it in your browser. This version contain a construction kit too. Have fun!

  • Check out http://maffelu.net/demo/jquery/flooder2/ as well, it’s a jQuery-based puzzle-game. Perhaps it would make the list…

  • This really is a great list of javascript games. I thought that these kinds of games could only be made with Flash or Java. The Real World Racer is pretty innovative. Just want to know what is the mean of “totally Ajaxed”?

  • block skater

    A game that is like the calculator game Block Man.

  • Nice list! Another awesome completely javascript/ajax online game is at http://therainforestrangers.com.

  • carly

    Noticed that the sudoku game does not work on the ipad. Tried to contact the developer(s) but no response. I wonder if they stopped supporting the site.

  • Hi,
    Here is another JavaScript game, a Trivia game questions
    It is made only with javascript, and can be easily added into websites, with the quizes /questions you want.