3 Customizable & Free Flash Image Sliders With Source Files By flashmo.com

flashmo.com, a website which provides free and premium Flash templates, is sharing 3 beautiful and free Flash image sliders.

They can be configured from a XML file and, as the source files (.FLA) are included, further editing is possible.

Settings include, auto-play being on/off, its duration and transition effects. Also, dimensions of every slider can be set within the HTML tags.

Bar Slider

Bar Slider

Images displayed change with an effect of sliding bars.

They can slide vertically or horizontally and from left-to-right or vice-versa.

Grid Slider

Flash Grid Slider

Grid Slider has a transition effect which divides the images into the defined number of grids.

The grid effect has multiple types from sliding to fading ones.



This Flash slider functions like the well-known accordion menus.

Compared to others, it doesn't have any prev-next buttons and images can be browsed by simply clicking on any accordion leaf wanted.

All sliders can be used both in personal and commercial projects.