32 OptimizePress Websites That You Can Use as Your Website Inspiration

by Jun 10
OptimizePress Examples!

With OptimizePress, you can build landing pages, sales pages, or sales funnels quickly.

But before buying the tool, you may wonder who else is using it and what types of websites they have built with it.

Therefore, we have put together a list of websites that use OptimizePress. You can use this list as your inspiration for your next project.

01. Conjujor.Community


The Conjuror Community website is for people who want to learn, perfect and perform magic tricks.

The website mentions its target audience with big text at the center of the page. The front page also links to various pages on the website, to a shop, and a membership site.

02. Expert Voicebook


Kristen White is the person behind the Expert Voicebook. The website helps you to look like a real media expert.

This one-page website contains bright colors and an introduction video at the top of the page. The page also includes a clear CTA (call-to-action) section. These sections lead you to join her email list.

03. Music Marketing Classroom


Music Marketing Classroom, by Ben Sword, delivers innovative music promotion tutorials to your inbox.

This landing page consists mostly of text. On the “As seen on” section, you can see which websites have featured his service.

04. Option Alpha


With OptionAlpha, investors can learn how to make smarter and more profitable trades. It’s not just a one-page website but a whole platform for becoming more skilled with trading.

On the front page, you have links to various courses, like Options Basics, Portfolio Management, or Trade Adjustments. You can also find testimonials from other students who have taken the training with OptionAlpha.

05. Replace Your Mortgage


Replace Your Mortgage is a website by Michael Lush. It helps you to pay off the mortgage with your current income. Michael’s site has been featured in places like Rein or NBC.

In the middle of the front page, there is a brown CTA button. This button takes you to an opt-in form, where you can download an eBook authored by Michael Lush and David Dutton.

06. Optimize Your Course


Want to build an online course or even a membership site with OptimizePress? Now you can do that with the help of Geneviève Mari, a digital learning strategist, and an OptimizePress Ninja!

This one-page website features a minimalistic design. And if you are wondering whether this training is for you, you can read the FAQ or check out the customer testimonials.

07. OptimizePressGeek


OptimizePressGeek is a website of Kevin McLellan. He is a WordPress expert, and he helps you to build your site with OptimizePress.

On the front page of the website, you can find links to blog posts. These articles show the expertise Kevin has. And if I were about to build an OptimizePress website, I would check out his Hire Me page with great detail.



Cash For Keys is a website by Danny Mejia. He buys houses in any condition in California.

The website has a big “Get a Cash Offer” CTA button above the fold. This button takes you to the opt-in form on how to sell your house in 10 days. 

09. Embark Million Dollar Authority Partnership


This website helps entrepreneurs to create global movements and make a good living while doing so.

There is a prominent CTA button at the center of the page. When you click it, you can download a free guide. You can also find testimonials from other entrepreneurs who have taken the program.

10. EMS Flight Safety Network


The EMS Flight Safety Network website is about people who keep air medical flights safe. It’s also a thriving online community.

The home page of the website displays blog articles. You can also join their email list by clicking the green button above the fold. Currently, they have over 40,000 subscribers on their list.

11. Local Business Domination


Need some help with your business? That’s what Dan Steptoe-Thompson is asking on the homepage of his website. If you answer yes, all you have to do is to click the yellow Get Started Now button.

The website presents all the services that Tom offers. You can also find a blog and testimonials from his clients. 

12. Studio1552


This website, by Matthew Houghton, is all about design packs. Once you purchase any of them, you can then use them in different places, like on t-shirts or bags.

The home page shows you the design pack images. When you click any of them, you get more details about the pack.

13. Smartspeed Consulting Limited


According to the homepage, Smartspeed helps businesses to increase their productivity and on-time delivery performance.

The home of the website is mostly text, although few images enrich the content. There is also an opt-in form on the front page where you can download the On-Time Delivery Improvement guide. 

14. Bedford Model Engineering Society


Bedford Model Engineering Society (BMES) is a group of like-minded people who are interested in model engineering in all kinds.

When you enter their home page, you can read about what the society is all about and look at the video introduction. At the top navigation, you can look at their photo gallery, or join BMES.

15. Superior Singing Method


Superior Singer Method is a membership website by Aaron Anastasi. On his website, he helps you to develop your singing voice by only practicing 10 minutes per day.

You can take a singing assessment test on his website. The site also includes reviews from the people who have gone through the training. 

16. OptimizePress Ninja


The OptimizePress Ninja website, by Brian Dulaney, helps you to build your OptimizePress website.

The home page of the website shows four steps on how the website building process works. You can also click a CTA button to learn how to get a quote regarding your website project. Finally, there is also an FAQ that answers your important questions regarding the service.

17. ConvertKit Club


Are you using ConvertKit, and would you like to take full advantage of this service? If yes, then the ConvertKit Club, founded by Elisabeth Goddard, could be for you.

This one-page website gives you all the essential information regarding the club. And if I were using ConvertKit, I would give this service a try.

18. YouGoPro Baseball


If you are into baseball, pay close attention. According to John Madden, a former professional baseball player, you can take your game to another level and become a better player!

At the center of the home page, there is a green Subscribe Now button, which takes you to the website’s YouTube channel. The top navigation takes you, for example, to the site’s shop or training courses page.

19. Oasis Vegetarian Cafe


I became hungry when I saw this website. It shows a delicious hamburger on the front page, followed by customer testimonials.

You can also join their newsletter by entering your email address at the opt-in form at the bottom of the page.

20. The Joy Project


The Joy Project is a website by Amanda Gore. She helps you to feel great about yourself. And who wouldn’t want to have that?

You can get her free eBook by opting into her email list. And when you scroll down the page, you can find all the other things Amanda can offer you.

21. Grant Dynamo 3


Do you need help with writing a persuasive grant story? If so, maybe the Grant Dynamo 3 could help you.

The website is a colorful one-pager, filled with illustrations. And when you read the sales letter, you will eventually reach the Enroll Now button. By clicking it, you can join the Grant Dynamo 3 program.

22. Brink Unlimited


Do you need more leads? That’s what this website asks you on the home page.

The website is yet another one-pager, run by Eric Brinkman. The home page contains four CTA buttons. And when you click any of the buttons, you can start working with Eric to get more leads.

23. TreadLift


TreadLift combines exercises with a treadmill and dumbbells. The program is created by fitness professional, Jill Coleman.

You can look at her introduction video at the top of the page to learn more about her services. And before clicking any of the blue CTA buttons, you can also read customer testimonials or the FAQ.

24. NGN Pictures


NGN Pictures help you to create high-quality videos that grow your business.

At the center of the page, this website has a big yellow button, which asks you to schedule a consultation. You can also opt-in to their email list, read customer testimonials, and look at their portfolio. 

25. Remuera Rackets Club


Would you like to have a game of tennis? If you do, and you are in New Zealand, perhaps you could head over to Remuera Rackets Club?

At the center of the page, you can find an image carousel with changing imagery of the club. And when you scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll see a Google map, which helps you to locate the club easier.

26. Nudge Marketing


Nudge Marketing helps you to get started with chatbot marketing.

When you go to the front page of the website, you can download the agency’s chatbot marketing report. But instead of delivering it through email, it’s sent directly to your Facebook Messenger!

27. Jigsaw Consulting


Jigsaw Consulting believes there is waste in all processes. That’s why their mission is to eliminate waste and add value to their customers.

The website uses a simple green/white color scheme. The home page also gives you a good introduction to lean process values and why they matter.

28. Church212


Church212 is located in California, US. According to them, their mission is to restore people with the love of God, ignite the passion by authentic worship, and help people to understand God’s purpose on them.

The website uses full page-width design. You can dive deeper into the site’s content by clicking “More information” buttons on the page. You can also access the content by clicking on the navigation at the header or the footer.

29. GarregGas


Do you live in South Wales, and is your boiler broken, or do you need plumbing services? If so, then GarreGas, a Wales-based company, can help you.

The home page is short and gives you all the necessary information regarding the company and its services. You can contact them quickly by filling in a contact form on the front page.

30. Oregon Housing Alliance

According to their website, Oregon Housing Alliance “unites people who are dedicated to increasing resources to meet our housing needs.”

The home page includes images of the people behind the alliance, and you can read more about their operations. You can also find a CTA button on the page. When you click it, you can join the alliance’s email list.

31. The Baby Maven

Becoming a parent is a significant change in your life. That’s why Hannah Chelsey’s website, The Baby Maven, can help you. The site gives you help and guidance if you are a new mom, or you are soon to become one.

The home page features Hannah Chelsey, the owner of the website, with new mothers. You can find more information regarding her coaching packages and also contact her for more details.

32. OptimizePress


Guess which platform OptimizePress is using on its website? OptimizePress, of course!

When you enter the website, you see a clean site with bright colors, wanting you to learn more about the product. You can also browse various sections of the website to learn how OptimizePress handles landing pages or sales letters.

32 OptimizePress Websites: The Conclusion

This post introduced 32 websites that use OptimizePress. 

As you can see, the platform is very flexible, and you can create various types of sites with it. For instance, you can create websites, landing pages, or even membership sites.

If you’d like to learn more about the platform, we have written an in-depth OptimizePress review. We loved the product, and we are sure you will too!